Medical Insurance In Singapore: Mitigate Against The Potential High Cost Of Medical Contingencies

Singapore is an advanced hub for medical treatment. However, the speed and quality of private healthcare in Singapore, as well as access to the latest treatments, may come with a hefty price tag. Serious medical conditions may also result in loss of income and increased living expenses. Learn how financial planning and health insurance can help you mitigate the potentially high cost of medical care in Singapore.

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Financial Planning For Cost Of Medical Treatment In Singapore

Lower Long Term Medical Costs Through Preventive Health Care 

Early detection of any serious health conditions can enable early intervention or management, and can help reduce medical costs in the long run. Do not wait for symptoms to appear – by then, it may already be advanced.

Book your comprehensive screening now and stay one step ahead:

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According to CPF (as of Jul 2024):


MediSave covers a broad range of outpatient treatments through schemes such as MediSave500/700 and Flexi-MediSave. 

Treatments covered include: 

  • Chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and depression
  • Vaccinations and health screenings
  • Dialysis and cancer treatments

MediShield Life
MediShield Life covers the cost of more expensive, recurring outpatient treatments.

Treatments covered include:

  • Cancer drugs
  • Radiotherapy for cancer
  • Renal dialysis
  • Drugs for organ transplant and chronic kidney failure
  • Long-term parenteral nutrition

Check with CPF on the latest MediSave & MediShield Life policies.

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