Sexual Health - Pregnancy Prevention and STD Testing In Singapore

Sexual health grasps various aspects, from protection against sexually transmitted diseases to unwanted pregnancy. Learn more with our collection of informative articles and resources.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy And How To Tackle It.

How To Detect And Treat STDs: What You Need To Know?

Discreet STD Tests in Singapore – What Are Your Options?


Early detection of any medical conditions is a crucial factor for sexual health treatment. Schedule your comprehensive screening package today, to ensure peace of mind and protect your health. Do not wait for symptoms to appear – by then, it may already be advanced.

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Dr Plus Basic STD screening package

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If you are looking for a doctor in Singapore for women’s health screening or treatment, here are some to consider:

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Dr Lena Fan | Partner Doctor

AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre


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MediSave can be claimed for various tests and screenings at all public healthcare institutions and approved private hospitals and medical institutions.

STI screenings and fertility issues treatments are not claimable under Medisave.

Check with CPF on the latest MediSave policies.

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Resources On Women's Health

Perspectives: Breast Cancer And Sexual Function In Singapore

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Choosing A Contraceptive: Is An IUD A Method For You?

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Birth Control Pills: What you need to know?

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How To Visit A Gynecologist: A Simple Guide

A gynecologist is an expert in many important areas of female health, sexual health, and fertility. It is important to be able to track your health and have regular checkups appointed with a doctor. Here is why you should visit.


Can a person get an STI without sex?

It is rare, but possible to contract an STI without sexual contact. Some STI scan be transmitted via contaminated food, contaminated fabric such as shared towels, beddings and clothing, and contaminated surfaces, such as shared toothbrushes, razors, or unwashed sex toys.

Should I get screened or tested for STIs?

Even without symptoms, you should consider STI screening if you are sexually active, especially if you have had vaginal, anal or oral sex with a new partner. Pregnant women should  also undergo testing.

How can an untreated STD cause infertility?

Untreated STDs and STIs can affect the fertility of both men and women. If left untreated, it can cause inflammation and scarring in the reproductive organs and fallopian tubes. This in turn affects fertility and further complications with women’s health.

How do birth control pills prevent pregnancy? 

They work by stopping sperm from joining with an egg (fertilization) and by safely preventing ovulation.

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