Medical Insurance For Foreigners In Singapore

Medical Insurance For Foreigners In Singapore

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If you are an expat living in Singapore, the cost of medical treatments can become expensive very quickly. Foreigners already face a lot of challenges, so learn how it can be easy to plan medical insurance in Singapore

Who Is Eligible For MediShield Life Insurance In Singapore?

In Singapore, only citizens and permanent residents – known as PRs – are covered by public healthcare. MediShield Life is a basic health insurance plan, administered by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board. National Singapore insurance helps to pay for large hospital bills and selected costly outpatient treatments. Such treatments may include dialysis and chemotherapy for cancer. Singapore passport holders and PRs also have the choice to boost their MediShield Life health insurance with higher claim limits, additional medical coverage, and more benefits with an Integrated Shield Plan purchased from private insurance companies. Integrated Shield Plans can also be purchased by foreigners and expats residing in Singapore with a valid visa.

What Type of Insurance Foreigners Without PR Can Get In Singapore?

In Singapore, there are multiple options for private insurance. It can be purchased privately or provided by an employer. If you are an international citizen who travels often, international policy can provide you with extensive health coverage when you are in Singapore. You may as well have travel insurance planned in advance for any unforeseen emergencies, however, it is only for short visits. Additionally, you can get Individual private medical insurance (IPMI).  This is a policy that tailors your insurance to fit all your needs. Various factors such as pre-existing conditions and age restrictions will be taken into account.

Cost Of Insurance In Singapore

If you’re a foreigner on a work permit or S-pass, your employer must provide you with health insurance. It can be at least $15,000 a year for health claims. A lot of people also carry private healthcare insurances. They can protect you against long term care needs, disability care and critical illness expenses, so the cost can vary depending on these factors. This is often covered by employers, or it can be purchased from private insurers before you decide to come to Singapore. It is recommended to protect yourself against unexpected medical expenses related to your health in advance.


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