Chronic Kidney Disease In Singapore - The Overlooked Danger

Chronic kidney disease in Singapore is an often overlooked danger. Kidney failure has no cure and a mortality rate as high as some cancers. Learn more about this disease with our collection of informative articles and resources.

Screen For This Silent Danger – Detect For Early Treatment.

Early detection is crucial for addressing chronic kidney disease before kidney failure occurs. Book your kidney or comprehensive screening today, to protect your health. Don’t wait for symptoms to appear – by then, it could be too late.

Book your screening now and stay one step ahead :

Comprehensive Health Screening packages with kidney screening you can consider:

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See A Doctor

If you are looking for a doctor in Singapore for kidney disease screening or treatment, here are some to consider:

Dr Wong Weng Kin, renal physician in Singapore.

Renal Physician

Dr Wong Weng Kin | Preferred Doctor

One Future Kidney Care


Renal Physician

Dr Ho Chee Khun – The Kidney Clinic

Dr Grace Lee Siew Luan – Grace Lee Renal & Medical Clinic

Dr Lye Wai Choong – Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Dr Alvin Ng – Kidney Health Care Clinic

Dr Francisco Salcido-Ochoa – Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre


Dr Shashidhar Baikunje – Sengkang General Hospital

Assoc Prof Tan Chieh Suai – Singapore General Hospital

Prof A Vathsala – National University Centre for Organ Transplantation


MediSave / MediShield

As of Jun 2024, under the MediSave 500/700 scheme, Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) patients can use up to $700 per year if they have complex chronic conditions, or $500 per year otherwise, to reduce the out-of-pocket cash payments for outpatient chronic disease bills. Each claim is subject to a 15% co-payment in cash. 

With the coverage of CDMP aligned with that under CHAS Chronic, eligible patients can tap on both their MediSave and CHAS Chronic subsidies for the outpatient treatments of their CDMP conditions at CHAS GP clinics.

Up to $1,100 per month for dialysis treatment is claimable under MediShield.

Check with CPF on the latest MediSave policies.

Government Assistance

MOH subsidies: https://www.moh.gov.sg/healthcare-schemes-subsidies/subsidies-for-dialysis-services-by-government-funded-iltc-providers

National Kidney Foundation

Dialysis Programme: https://nkfs.org/treatment-options/admission-eligibility-cost-structure/

Kidney Live Donor Support Fund: https://nkfs.org/treatment-options/kidney-live-donor-support-fund/ 

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Top 5 Tips On Nutrition For Chronic Kidney Disease

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There are a lot of bubbles in the toilet when I urinate. Do I have kidney disease?

Foamy urine is one of the symptoms of kidney damage. Foamy urine that persists over time could indicate the presence of protein in the urine and could mean you have a kidney problem. You should consider seeing a doctor or renal physician for further investigation.

Does eating salty foods increase the chances of chronic kidney disease?

A high-sodium diet is a risk factor for chronic kidney disease. Studies have shown that adding salt to foods can significantly increase the risk of kidney damage.

Is there a cure for chronic kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease is irreversible and there is no known cure. Treatment is typically for slowing down the progression of the disease, as well as address complications arising from the condition.

Would I need dialysis if I have chronic kidney disease?

Patients will require dialysis when the disease has reached end-stage and kidney failure has set in. Patient who successfully undergoes kidney transplantation will not need dialysis.

How long is the wait on average for a kidney for transplantation?

According to a Straits Times report – the average waiting time in Singapore for patients who received kidneys in 2023 from deceased donors was 9 years.

Buying and selling of organs in Singapore is illegal.

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