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Getting Pregnant With Endometriosis: How It Impacts Fertility

Cost Of Childbirth In Singapore

Early Signs Of Pregnancy And How To Tackle It.

How To Visit A Gynecologist: A Simple Guide


Early detection of any complications is a crucial factor for fertility. Schedule your comprehensive screening package today, to ensure peace of mind and protect your health. Do not wait for symptoms to appear – by then, it may already be advanced.

Book your comprehensive screening now and stay one step ahead:

Asia HealthPartners (SG) Women’s Sexual Health Screening

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See A Doctor

If you are looking for a doctor in Singapore for women’s health screening or treatment, here are some to consider:

Dr Lena Fan Profile
Dr Chua Boon Suan EAB


Dr Chua Boon Suan | Preferred Doctor

AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre


Dr Lee Kuok Chung | Partner Doctor – Crest Surgical Practice 

A/Prof Chong Choon Seng | Partner Doctor – Ark Surgical Practice 

Assoc Prof Emile John Tan Kwong Wei – Singapore General Hospital


Dr Choo Su Pin – Curie Oncology

Dr Angela Pang – OncoCare Cancer Centre 

Clin Assoc Prof Tham Chee Kian – National Cancer Centre Singapore

Dr Koo Si-Lin – National Cancer Centre Singapore


MediSave can be claimed for various tests and screenings at all public healthcare institutions and approved private hospitals and medical institutions.

STI screenings and fertility issues treatments are not claimable under Medisave.

Check with CPF on the latest MediSave policies.

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The cost of medical treatment in Singapore is a significant concern for many individuals and families. Proper financial planning is.

MediSave And Medishield Life Coverage For Overseas Singaporeans

Know more about MediSave, MediShield Life and Integrated Shield Plans coverage for overseas medical expenses.

Resources On Women's Health

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It is important to make regular health screening an essential part of your healthcare routine. Here are 3 top reasons why.

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Uterine cancer is a cancer of the uterus. Uterine cancer in Singapore has an increasing number of cases being diagnosed each year.

Pelvic Pain During Menstruation? It Might Be Endometriosis

If you are experiencing pelvic pain during menstruation, it may be indicative of a painful condition called endometriosis.

Nipple Discharge: Understanding Causes, Concerns, and Care

In this article, we will help you understand nipple discharge, discussing its nature, potential causes, and more.

How To Detect And Treat STDs: What You Need To Know?

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections can cause long-term harm to your health and have effects on fertility. It is crucial that you are aware of methods of prevention and treatments and do not leave it unassessed by medical professionals. With.

A Guide To Fertility Testing In Singapore

Getting pregnant is not always easy for some women. Some factors may impact your pregnancy journey, so it is recommended to consult with a doctor and schedule a test. Learn more on what fertility tests are available in Singapore. Cervical.


What are the signs of a healthy cycle?

A woman’s reproductive system must produce hormones that result in ovulation.

Does diet affect fertility?

Unlike other factors that you cannot control such as age and genetics, eating certain foods and avoiding others is something you can do to help with fertility. For example, doctors recommend consuming more calcium, vitamin D, iron, and folate in your diet. 

How common is infertility?

Approximately one in every six people of reproductive age worldwide experience infertility in their lifetime.

Is infertility only a female problem?

No, it is not. Male infertility is responsible for 20–30% of infertility cases, while 20–35% are due to female infertility, and 25–40% are due to combined problems in both parts.

Can family history of medical conditions impact fertility?

Yes, maternal history may be very relevant to a woman’s reproductive health.

What is the most common solution for infertility?

One of the most well-known fertility treatments, IVF is the process of combining sperm and egg in a lab to create a viable embryo that can then be transferred to the woman’s uterus. 

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