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Women's Health - Which Contraceptive To Choose And How To Tackle Early Pregnancy

Keeping track and taking care of women’s health should be a routine procedure at different stages of your life. Learn more about how to maintain a healthy condition with our collection of informative articles and resources.

Choosing A Contraceptive: Is An IUD A Method For You?

Early Signs Of Pregnancy And How To Tackle It.

Birth Control Pills: What you need to know?

How To Visit A Gynecologist: A Simple Guide


Female Health Screening Package In Singapore: What To Consider

We discuss the importance of female health screening and provide some female health screening package in Singapore that you may.

Comprehensive Health Screening Packages from S$1.5K to S$3K

In this article, we explore comprehensive health screening packages from S$1.5K to S$3K that are available in Singapore.

Women’s Comprehensive Health Screening Packages Under S$1K

Discover your options for comprehensive health screening packages for women in Singapore in this Health365 article.

Women’s Health Screening Packages In Singapore Under $600

Health screening packages can cost up to thousands of dollars. Here are some women’s health screening packages under $600 in.

Do Not Let Women’s Health Issues Stay Undetected – Act Now!

Early detection is crucial. Schedule your comprehensive screening package today, including laboratory tests, to ensure peace of mind and protect your health. Don’t wait for symptoms to appear – by then, it could be too late.

Book your comprehensive screening now and stay one step ahead to preserve your health:

Dr Plus Basic STD screening package

Need more options? Explore additional health screening packages on this page.

See A Doctor

If you are looking for a doctor in Singapore for stomach cancer screening or treatment, here are some to consider:

Dr Lena Fan Profile


Dr Lena Fan | Partner Doctor 

AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre


Dr Chua Boon Suan EAB


Dr Chua Boon Suan | Preferred Doctor

AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre


Dr Kim Guowei – Crest Surgical Practice

Dr Kum Cheng Kiong – Centre for Screening and Surgery

Assoc Prof Emile John Tan Kwong Wei – Singapore General Hospital

Dr Jeremy Tan Tian Hui – Singapore General Hospital


Dr Wong Siew Wei | Partner Doctor – Parkway Cancer Centre

Dr Choo Su Pin – Curie Oncology

Clin Assoc Prof Tham Chee Kian – National Cancer Centre Singapore

Dr Koo Si-Lin – National Cancer Centre Singapore

Selecting A Doctor For Treatment

If you suspect any issues with your health or have been actively experiencing them, choosing a doctor to help you will be a crucial decision. 

Editor’s List On Where To Go For Health Screening In Singapore

Wondering where to go for health screening in Singapore, our Editor’s List on health screening providers may be a good.

Health365 Guide To Finding The Best Doctor In Singapore For Your Needs

In this Health365 guide, we will discuss why selecting the “right” doctor is the key to finding the “best” doctor.


MediSave can be claimed for various tests and screenings at all public healthcare institutions and approved private hospitals and medical institutions.

STI screenings and fertility issues treatments are not claimable under Medisave.

Check with CPF on the latest MediSave policies.

Financial Planning For Cost Of Medical Treatment In Singapore

The cost of medical treatment in Singapore is a significant concern for many individuals and families. Proper financial planning is.

MediSave And Medishield Life Coverage For Overseas Singaporeans

Know more about MediSave, MediShield Life and Integrated Shield Plans coverage for overseas medical expenses.

Resources On Women's Health

Impact Of Cervical Cancer On Sexuality And Fertility

Cervical cancer can have a significant impact on patients’ sexuality and fertility. This article examines major implications for patients.

Pelvic Pain During Menstruation? It Might Be Endometriosis

If you are experiencing pelvic pain during menstruation, it may be indicative of a painful condition called endometriosis.

What Is A Pelvic Ultrasound?

Pelvic ultrasound for women is a non-invasive diagnostic test that uses sound waves to produce images of the organs within the female pelvis.

Breast Ultrasound Vs Mammogram: What Are The Differences?

In this article we tackle breast ultrasound vs mammogram - their key differences, respective advantages, and limitations.

New Blood Test For Ovarian Cancer Detection

In this article, we discuss ovarian cancer and highlight a new development, a blood test for ovarian cancer.

Nipple Discharge: Understanding Causes, Concerns, and Care

In this article, we will help you understand nipple discharge, discussing its nature, potential causes, and more.


Can a person get an STI without sex?

It is rare, but possible to contract an STI without sexual contact. Some STI scan be transmitted via contaminated food, contaminated fabric such as shared towels, beddings and clothing, and contaminated surfaces, such as shared toothbrushes, razors, or unwashed sex toys.

Should I get screened or tested for STIs?

Even without symptoms, you should consider STI screening if you are sexually active, especially if you have had vaginal, anal or oral sex with a new partner. Pregnant women should also undergo testing.

How can an untreated STD cause infertility?

Untreated STDs and STIs can affect the fertility of both men and women. If left untreated, it can cause inflammation and scarring in the reproductive organs and fallopian tubes. This in turn affects fertility and further complications with women’s health.

How do birth control pills prevent pregnancy? 

They work by stopping sperm from joining with an egg (fertilization) and by safely preventing ovulation.

How to get birth control pills in Singapore?

In Singapore, birth control pills are not available over the counter. You will need to see a licensed doctor to get a prescription. The Ministry of Health requires that you be above the age of 16 to obtain a prescription.

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