GASTROClear™ By MiRXES: An Accurate, Convenient Blood Test For Stomach Cancer Screening

GASTROClear™ By MiRXES: An Accurate, Convenient Blood Test For Stomach Cancer Screening


Stomach cancer (also known as gastric cancer) is the sixth cause of cancer deaths in men and the seventh in women in Singapore, according to data from the Singapore Cancer Registry Annual Report 2021. As stomach cancer in its early stages may show no symptoms, early detection is important for timely and effective treatment. In this article we introduce GASTROClear, a minimally invasive blood test to assess your risk profile for stomach cancer.

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What Is GASTROClear?

GASTROClear by MiRXES is a stomach cancer blood test – the first of its kind in the world designed to detect stomach cancer in individuals who may not yet be experiencing any symptoms. GASTROClear is the result of an international collaboration led by the Singapore Gastric Cancer Consortium (SGCC) and involved researchers and clinicians from Singapore and South Korea. By analysing a small blood sample, GASTROClear can provide information about your risk of developing stomach cancer, categorising it as low, moderate or high.


How Does GASTROClear Work?

Stomach cancer is typically diagnosed through gastroscopy with biopsy. However, gastroscopy is costly and invasive, often requiring fasting and the administration of sedatives or anesthesia.

In contrast, GASTROClear is a minimally invasive and time-efficient screening method that determines a person’s likelihood of having stomach cancer. Diseases such as cancer, often result in abnormal levels of certain associated biomaterials called microRNAs in the blood. GASTROClear measures the levels of 12 microRNAs in the serum that are produced by stomach cancer cells. By using GASTROClear, doctors can assess a patient’s risk of stomach cancer even before symptoms become apparent.

If the results indicate an elevated risk of stomach cancer compared to the general population, the patient may be advised to undergo additional tests, such as gastroscopy, to confirm the diagnosis. Doctors will receive guidelines for follow-up recommendations tailored to each risk group to effectively manage patient care.

As with any early detection tests, it is important to consult your doctor to get a proper understanding of the results and for an appropriate follow-up plan of action. It should be noted that GASTROClear is not intended as a replacement for gastroscopy in the diagnostic process.

Early detection through GASTROClear, as opposed to waiting for symptoms to manifest, empowers patients to adopt a proactive approach to managing their risks and seeking timely medical attention, ultimately leading to the best possible outcome

How Accurate Is GASTROClear In Detecting Stomach Cancer?

GASTROClear has been validated to exhibit a sensitivity of 82% and a specificity of 88% in detecting stomach cancer among asymptomatic, average-risk individuals in Chinese and South Korean populations. In a symptomatic, high-risk population in Singapore, GASTROClear demonstrated sensitivities of 87.5% for stage I and 89.5% for stage II stomach cancer, while maintaining a specificity of 68.4%.

Who Should Take A GASTROClear Test?

GASTROClear is suitable for individuals of either gender who are aged 40 years or older and have one or more risk factors for stomach cancer.

Risk Factors For Gastric Cancer

  • Family history of gastric cancer.
  • Personal history of Helicobacter pylori infection.
  • Chronic gastritis.
  • High consumption of fried foods, smoked foods, salted fish, processed meats, and pickled foods.
  • Consumption of foods containing nitrites and nitrates, commonly found in cured meats.
  • Low consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Three Reasons Why Should You Take A GASTROClear Test

#1 Detect Stomach Cancer Earlier

GASTROClear is highly accurate in identifying an increased risk of stomach cancer, often before any symptoms manifest. This early detection capability eliminates the need to wait for symptoms to prompt a gastroscopy, resulting in the diagnosis of stomach cancer at an earlier stage.

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Source: Prime Magazine

#2 Understand And Manage Your Risk For Stomach Cancer

Even if follow-up gastroscopy does not confirm the presence of stomach cancer, a GASTROClear test result indicating an increased risk level can serve as a signal to proactively adopt preventive measures against stomach cancer. These measures may include adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle. Additionally, during follow-up gastroscopy, pre-cancerous polyps can be identified and removed if present.

#3 Convenient And Non-Invasive

GASTROClear, as a highly accurate blood screening method for assessing stomach cancer risks, can be considered a valuable option for individuals who have concerns about the potential of stomach cancer but seek to minimise their exposure to sedatives and the invasive aspects associated with gastroscopy.

Where Can I Get A GASTROClear Test?

Get GASTROClear testing At AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre

You can undergo a GASTROClear screening by itself or as part of your comprehensive health screening. AsiaMedic, a leading healthcare provider in Singapore with over 25 years of experience in providing premier medical services in advanced diagnostic imaging, clinical services and preventive care, offers a range of choices for individuals interested in screening for stomach cancer using GASTROClear.

AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre is located at Shaw House, along Orchard Road, Singapore. Orchard MRT station is within walking distance.

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  1. MiRXES GASTROClear is an invitro diagnostic assay intended for use as an adjunctive test for the detection of gastric neoplasia associated miRNA biomarkers in human serum. GASTROClear is NOT intended as a replacement for gastroscopy; it should be used in conjunction with gastroscopy and other test methods. It is thus an adjunctive tool to aid in the detection of gastric cancer. As such, only patients who met certain criteria are tested using GASTROClear based on recommendation by the physician. The results obtained from the test may indicate the presence of gastric cancer and the patient then goes for gastroscopy as required. The output of GASTROClear is a risk score, where a high score may indicate the presence of gastric cancer and should be followed up by gastroscopy. This test is intended for adults of either sex, 40 years or older, at average risk of having gastric cancer with one of the following risk factors:
  • Family history of stomach cancer
  • A history of Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori) infection
  • Previous history of stomach lymphoma and stomach polyps
  • Long term stomach inflammation (chronic gastritis)
  • Diets containing large amounts of fried food, smoked foods, salted fish, processed meat, and pickled foods.
  • Diets containing nitrites and nitrates substances commonly found in cured meats.
  • Diet low in fruits and vegetables
  • Smoking

2. MiRXES GASTROClear is approved and listed with Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore and CE Mark under the EU IVD Directive 98/79/EC.

3. For up-to-date product specific disclaimers, see the respective MiRXES GASTROClear instructions for use. MiRXES GASTROClear instructions for use can be requested from MiRXES Technical Services or your local distributor.

4. Trademarks: MiRXES GASTROClear™ is registered trademark for MiRXES, Inc. All other product names, trademarks, and registered trademarks that may appear in this document are property of their respective owners.

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