Beauty Clinic In Thailand: BDMS Wellness Clinic


Beauty Clinic In Thailand: BDMS Wellness Clinic

Health365 is proud to partner with a renowned beauty clinic in Thailand, BDMS Wellness Clinic to offer our readers a wide range of health and aesthetic services. 

About BDMS Wellness Clinic

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Established in 2018, BDMS Wellness Clinic is part of the largest private hospital network in Thailand, the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services. BDMS has expanded its network of standard hospitals over the course of more than 46 years. This extensive network comprises more than 47 hospitals with over 10,000 medical teams and partnerships with various organisations and institutions. 

BDMS offers patients a broad range of preventive medical services such as comprehensive health screenings as well as a complete range of clinical services. They have a team of experts and specialists that delivers world-class services.

What sets BDMS Wellness Clinic apart is their multidisciplinary holistic approach that covers all areas of wellness. They offer a perfect harmony of comfort and wellness retreat concept that makes them an ideal choice for patients.

Beauty Clinic In Thailand - BDMS Wellness Clinic

Eight Specialized Clinics

BDMS Wellness Clinic is home to eight specialized clinics that serves as a centre of wellness excellence.

1. Regenerative Wellness Clinic

The Regenerative Clinic forms the core of BDMS Wellness Clinic. Before proceeding to other clinics, every patient undergoes a full health assessment at this unparalleled centre which offers a comprehensive variety of genetic and molecular screening.

2. Musculoskeletal and Rehabilitation Clinic

The Musculoskeletal and Rehabilitation Clinic of BDMS focuses on manual therapy, physiotherapy, pre-operative training and rehabilitation. It is the only comprehensive “DAVID” centre in Asia, and only 1 of 3 in the world.

3. Brain Wellness Clinic

The Brain Wellness Clinic utilises modern innovation such as advanced imaging guidance technology to analyse the early markers of Alzheimer’s disease. Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans are also used in tandem with a blood test to determine problem areas in the brain flagged by blood biomarkers.

4. Preventive Cardiology Clinic

The Preventive Cardiology Clinic utilises modern technology and expertise to determine the best solutions in achieving good cardiac health. Heart nutrition and stress management sessions are also offered at the clinic.

5. Dental Wellness Clinic

The Dental Wellness Clinic offers modern technology and digital smile technique to perform and achieve functional smile design. It is supported by a team of specialists who are trained internationally and have vast experience in reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry.

6. Digestive Wellness Clinic

The Digestive Wellness Clinic doctors specialise in the most up-to-date genetic testing that specifically targets blood biomarkers in the intestines to identify gastrointestinal disorders.

7. Fertility and Women Wellness Clinic

The Fertility and Women Wellness Clinic provides a range of reproductive solutions for those experiencing difficulties conceiving.

8. Aesthetic and Hair Wellness Clinic

The Aesthetic and Hair Wellness Clinic offers high quality of services and treatments by professional dermatologists. Some of the treatments offered are fillers, botulinum toxin, PRP, BWC Bioscor and other facial and hair treatments.


Beauty clinic in Thailand, BDMS Wellness Clinic is located in one of the most prestigious sites in central Bangkok. Visit BDMS Wellness Clinic at 2/4 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330.

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