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Healthcare, Wellness And Aesthetic Medicine Publisher

Health365 is a healthcare, wellness and aesthetic medicine publishing agency in Asia. Our mission is to empower our readers with knowledge on preventive health, critical medical conditions, and aesthetic medicine.

Launched in June 2022 for the Singapore market, Health365 is the leading third-party healthcare platform that provides information and medical tourism support for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand markets. Health365.id is our next portal in Bahasa Indonesia with localised content for Indonesian audiences. Asiahealth365.cn is our Simplified Chinese language portal for Chinese readers around the world.

We aim to become the default site that readers go to for neutral, reliable and trustworthy information, leveraging on our partnerships with medical doctors and certified health practitioners who participate as our Preferred Doctors. Preferred Doctors help to ensure the quality and editorial integrity of our content.  

Our partners also include highly-rated healthcare providers like Singapore-based AsiaMedic, Icon, Minmed, Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine Holdings and StarMed, Gleneagles Hospital KL and Kensington Green Specialist Centre (Johor) in Malaysia, and Bangkok Hospital, Phyathai Hospital, Vimut Hospital and Dermaster Co.,Ltd., Wansiri Hospital, BDMS Wellness Clinic  in Thailand. 

Corporate Website: www.health365.asia 

Health365 is a member of www.group365.asia agency network.