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Health365.sg - To be a trusted source of localised healthcare information in Singapore

Health365.sg: A Trusted Resource for Localised Healthcare Information in Singapore

Health365.sg is Singapore’s unique, leading health resource guide. We believe that good health starts with easy access to knowledge, data and opinions to shape your decision. 

We focus on major illnesses affecting people in Singapore including cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as wellness and disease prevention. Our goal is to empower you with trusted and localised healthcare information in Singapore, so you can make the best decisions for your family, friends and yourself. We also provide information and resources on aesthetic treatments in the region.

Health365.sg has established a panel of leading medical doctors and certified health practitioners in Singapore and in the region as our Expert Advisory Boards (for healthcare and for aesthetic) to help ensure the quality and editorial integrity of our content. EAB Members join us on a voluntary basis and are not paid for their article reviews.

How We Do It

We have a team of SEO experts to maximise the searchability of our website, making it easier for readers to find the healthcare information they are looking for. We welcome pharmaceutical / healthcare-related companies, financial institutions, public sector organisations and NGOs to join us in this mission to provide healthcare information to the public. 

A Project By Ehub365

Health365.sg is a project by ehub365 Pte Ltd, a Healthcare Marketing Agency in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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Editorial Policy

Read about our editorial policy here.

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