Strategic Partnership With ShareInvestor.Com

Strategic Partnership with ShareInvestor

Strategic partnership with Shareinvestor

Through our strategic partnership with ShareInvestor, one of the biggest financial news hub in SG and MY, we share quality healthcare and aesthetic content to their strong subscriber base of investment-savvy, high networth individuals.

Who Is ShareInvestor?

ShareInvestor is an integrated investor communication company with operations across South East Asia. They help their corporate clients strategise and execute their digital communication plans, leveraging on innovative technologies, to reach out to their stakeholders globally.

As a technology focused company, ShareInvestor develops its own market data tools offerings to empower investors to make informed investments decisions. Their online toolsets, ShareInvestor Station™, ShareInvestor WebPro™ and ShareInvestor Mobile offer market data information on global markets.

ShareInvestor focuses on investor education. They believe in educating investors across their investment journeys, working together with their educational partners and the exchanges to develop a vibrant investor community in each market they serve.

Their vision is to empower investors to make a choice.

A Mutually Beneficial Strategic Partnership

The strategic partnership with ShareInvestor is a mutually beneficial arrangement that allows health365.sg to reach out to a new audience, while at the same time, bringing quality healthcare content to ShareInvestor subscribers directly and conveniently to their email inboxes.