Going To Singapore For Medical Services

Going To Singapore For Medical Services

There are numerous reasons why patients may consider seeking medical services in Singapore. In this article, we delve into the reasons.

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Why You May Consider Going To Singapore For Medical Services

  1. World-Class Healthcare Infrastructure – Singapore boasts a robust and advanced healthcare infrastructure, featuring modern facilities, technology, and medical equipment. 
  2. Highly Skilled Healthcare Professionals – Singapore is home to a diverse pool of highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals. Doctors, surgeons, and medical staff in Singapore are renowned for their expertise, often trained in leading institutions around the world. 
  3. Internationally Accredited Hospitals and Clinics – Medical facilities adhere to stringent international accreditation standards. This commitment to quality and safety provides assurance to patients that they are receiving healthcare services that meet or exceed global benchmarks. Accreditation organisations like the Joint Commission International (JCI) contribute to Singapore’s reputation for excellence.
  4. Multidisciplinary Medical Specialisations – The city-state offers a wide array of medical specialisations, ranging from general medicine to highly specialised fields such as cardiology, oncology, and neurosurgery. This breadth of expertise ensures that patients can find the right specialists for their specific healthcare needs.
  5. Cultural Diversity and Language Accessibility – Singapore’s cultural diversity is reflected in its healthcare system, with medical professionals fluent in multiple languages. This linguistic accessibility ensures effective communication between patients and healthcare providers, fostering a comfortable and inclusive healthcare environment.
  6. Proximity to Asia-Pacific Region – Singapore’s strategic location in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region makes it easily accessible for individuals from neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. This geographical advantage has contributed to the city’s popularity as a medical tourism hub for patients seeking high-quality healthcare services.
Going To Singapore Medical Services

Medical Tourism In Singapore - Top Reasons

‘Second Opinion And Treatment’

IHH Singapore’s chief commercial officer, Jeffrey Law, told The Straits Times that many of their patients who seek their healthcare services needed “second treatment” for their health conditions. In these instances, the diagnosis and treatment they receive in their home countries may be insufficient to enable them to achieve a full recovery.

IHH runs Gleneagles, Parkway East and two Mount Elizabeth hospitals in Singapore.

Healthcare Services Can Respond To More Complex Illnesses According to healthcare professionals, Singapore’s health institutions have the capacity to diagnose and treat more complex illnesses such as cancer. Law of IHH said most of their foreign patients present more complex treatments like oncology, neurological surgeries, organ transplants, to name some.

Requirements Needed For Tourists Going To Singapore For Medical Services

Travelling to Singapore for medical services may involve some requirements to ensure a seamless experience for tourists seeking medical services. Individuals may need to obtain a Medical Visa, a letter from your chosen medical facility confirming your treatment plan, and others. Adequate travel insurance covering medical expenses may also be advised, and ensuring its acceptance by Singaporean healthcare providers is essential. 

Additionally, tourists are advised to stay informed about vaccination requirements, health screenings, and any quarantine or COVID-19 protocols that may be in place during their visit. 

Checking with the official immigration authorities or Singaporean embassy for the most current information is recommended, as these requirements may be subject to change.

Where To Get Medical Services In Singapore

Singapore offers both public and private medical services options for everyone including non-residents. Some key places where tourists can access medical services in Singapore are:

  • Public Hospitals – Singapore is home to several reputable public hospitals, known for their high standards of care and advanced medical facilities. Institutions like Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and National University Hospital (NUH) offer a wide range of medical services and specialties.
  • Private Hospitals and Medical Centres – Private hospitals in Singapore, such as Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Raffles Hospital, and Gleneagles Hospital, provide premium healthcare services. These institutions are known for their luxurious amenities, specialised medical expertise, and personalised care.
  • Specialised Clinics – Singapore has numerous specialised clinics catering to specific medical needs. Whether you require dental services, dermatology, or fertility treatments, you can find clinics with expert professionals in various medical fields.
  • Polyclinics – Polyclinics are government-subsidised healthcare facilities that offer a range of primary healthcare services. These clinics, such as the SingHealth Polyclinics and National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, provide general medical care, health screenings, and vaccinations.
  • Health and Wellness Centers and General Practitioner (GP) Clinics

When seeking medical services in Singapore, it is essential to consider the nature of your medical needs and choose an appropriate healthcare facility accordingly.

Insurance Acceptance In Singapore

In Singapore, tourists can generally find widespread acceptance of international travel insurance plans across a range of healthcare providers. Many healthcare institutions in the country are accustomed to working with various international insurance companies. However, it is still important for tourists to confirm the specifics of their insurance coverage and its acceptance at their chosen medical facility.

Popular Medical Services In Singapore for Tourists

Medical  tourism in Singapore is characterised by a diverse range of medical services, tourists often go to Singapore for the following medical services:

  • Cardiac surgeries, such as Coronary Angiography, Valve Replacement, and Heart Bypass and others. 
  • Oncology or cancer treatments.
  • Orthopaedic procedures, including knee and hip replacement surgeries.
  • Neurology such as stem cell transplantation surgeries.
  • Cosmetic surgeries including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, face lift and others.
  • Ophthalmology services and surgeries for cataracts, glaucoma, LASIK, and others.

Health365 Partners In Singapore

Health Screening in Singapore

Health screening in Singapore may also be considered by tourists. There are comprehensive health screening packages offered by private healthcare providers in SIngapore, from basic packages with essential tests to premium packages with more in-depth tests and procedures. Packages that include more imaging tests such as MRIs and CT scans, as well as procedures like gastroscopy and colonoscopy may cost more.

You may consider visiting our ecommerce shop to browse for some health screening packages available in Singapore.

Other Medical Services In Singapore

Aside from health screening, Health365 also has partners with numerous healthcare providers, including surgeons, cancer treatment centres, health screening and diagnostic centres and more. 

A listing of our healthcare and aesthetic partners in Singapore can be found here.

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