LET’S TALK on “Understanding the Cost of Cancer Drug Treatments and How We can Manage the Financial Impact of Cancer”

Learn About the Cost of Cancer Drug Treatments and How We Can Manage It

30 Sep 22 (Friday), 8-9pm | Free Webinar (English) via ZOOM

Do you know how much it may cost to treat cancer in Singapore? $100,000 per year? Or more? The Singapore Cancer Society had estimated that we can expect to spend $100,00 to $200,000 a year or more for the treatment of late-stage cancer. This amount may be prohibitive for typical Singapore households if they have only savings to fall back on.

Unfortunately, the fact is that cancer may strike 1 in 4 people in Singapore. Worryingly, the cost of cancer drug treatment in Singapore has been on the rise. To keep medicine and treatment affordable at a national level, the government is limiting coverage under MediShield Life and Integrated Shield Plans to a list of outpatient drug treatments deemed clinically and cost-effective.

What implications does this have for cancer patients? What can we do to ensure that we are able to afford cancer treatment should the need arise?

Hear From Medical and Insurance Experts

Hear from Dr Wong Siew Wei, Senior Consultant, Medical Oncologist at Parkway Cancer Centre, and Ms Pamela Chong, Associate Manager at TN Advisory Group, as they share their insights into the cost of cancer drug treatments in Singapore, and how we can protect ourselves against the financial impact of contracting cancer.

Topics To Be Discussed

Guest Speaker Topics
Dr Wong Siew Wei
Senior Consultant,
Medical Oncologist,

Parkway Cancer Centre
When are drug treatments used for cancer treatment?

What is the structure for determining how much a patient needs to pay for a round of drug treatment?

How does MOH determine what drugs treatments are claimable under MediShield / Integrated Plans?

Off-label treatments are not claimable under MediShield / Integrated Plans. What does it mean when a drug treatment is said to be “off label”? Why is off-label treatment sometimes used?
Ms Pamela Chong
Associate Manager,

TN Advisory Group  
What kind of insurance policies or combination of policies should we get for ensuring adequate coverage should cancer strike?

How do we protect ourselves against the cost of treatment, especially if some drugs not claimable under MediShield and IPs are needed? 

How do we protect against loss of income during cancer treatment?

Is there a recommended level of protection for most people?

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TN Advisory Group

* TN Advisory Group is a group of Financial Service Consultants representing Legacy FA Pte Ltd (a financial advisory firm licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore).

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