Meet Dr Elendrus Teo – Aesthetic Doctor In Singapore
Dr Elendrus Teo

Dr Elendrus Teo

Specialty Aesthetic Medicine
Clinic:  Astique The Aesthetic Clinic

Who Is Dr Elendrus teo?

Dr Elendrus Teo is an aesthetic doctor at Astique the Aesthetic Clinic. Dr Teo had undertaken rotations in general surgery, family medicine, and ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) fields of practice. He developed an interest in aesthetics while training in the facial plastics team within the ENT practice, and eventually ventured into aesthetic medicine.

What Is Dr Elendrus Teo’s Ethos In Medicine?

Driving Interest In Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Teo’s passion for aesthetic medicine sprouted from his years of dedicated service in Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) departments at public hospitals, where he actively contributed to the facial plastics team. Driven by his preference for hands-on work and the demand for a specific skill set, he chose to specialize in ENT. This decision paved the way for a natural progression into aesthetic medicine, stemming directly from his experiences in facial plastics. 

Patient Care

Dr Teo is a doctor that patients find friendly and approachable. His approach to patient care revolves around addressing their concerns comprehensively and providing them with information that might not have crossed their minds. Dr Teo makes it a point to make sure that patients have the information and knowledge to make a joint decision on their treatment plan. He respects the patients’ autonomy, and believes that well-informed decisions lead to more positive and satisfying outcomes.

If You Run Into Dr Elendrus Teo Outside Work, You Are Likely To…

… find Dr Teo keeping fit and enjoying activities such as skiing, football, and other sports. He would also likely to be spending time with his family.

10 Question & Answers

I spent a few years working in Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) departments at public hospitals, which included work in the facial plastics team. This field intrigued me, but surgery often meant dealing with long recovery times, which many people weren’t too keen on. I chose ENT because I enjoyed hands-on work, and it requires a certain level of skills. Aesthetic medicine was a natural progression from facial plastics, allowing me to continue hands-on procedures while delving into the intricate anatomy and structure of the face.

From an earlier age, where possible. Many people only see us when they have deep rooted or serious concerns. If they had come in earlier, we could have helped them to maintain their issues sooner, and it would also be easier to treat their concerns. Basically, seeing an aesthetic doctor early can be a preventive move, aiding with maintenance and making the ageing process more graceful.

I actively participate in local and international seminars, as well as webinars and Zoom conferences to stay updated on the latest technologies and techniques.

My approach to patient care revolves around addressing their concerns comprehensively and providing them with information that might not have crossed their minds. I believe that offering insights and education is crucial, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their treatment.

Some people assume that aesthetics is purely superficial, but there are times we deal with patients with medical issues. I had a patient with a neuro-muscular condition who was seeking to improve her condition as well as look good. Beyond cosmetic improvements, it highlighted the potential for aesthetic doctors to use our expertise to positively impact medical conditions.

We have a dedicated WhatsApp channel for patient concerns beyond regular hours, though we still encourage patients to make face-to-face appointments for more comprehensive discussions. For patients with special concerns, we try to provide special accommodations to meet their unique needs.

Yes, we provide the information and knowledge and eventually make a joint decision on their treatment plan. This philosophy centers on respect for the patient’s autonomy and the belief that well-informed decisions lead to more positive and satisfying outcomes.

By presenting them with all their treatment options, giving them sufficient time to digest and ask all relevant questions, and providing them with brochures for their information. By fostering open communication and ensuring patients have a clear understanding of their options, I aim to create a collaborative and informed healthcare journey.

By spending quality time with family, travelling, engaging in sports like football, and making time for regular runs to refresh myself.

My top tip is to apply sunscreen 2-3 times everyday, even when working from home. It’s essential because our digital screens, like computers and phones, emit radiation that can impact the skin. Consistent sunblock use provides crucial protection for a healthy complexion.

the vision

Your first point of contact

Dr Elendrus Teo strives to be your first point of contact for aesthetic medicine. Dr Elendrus Teo believes that looking good helps to empower people to exude the best possible version of themselves, and give them the opportunity to further their confidence and success.

“To see my patients carrying more confidence in themselves and achieving their best – this bring me joy in my work.”

– Dr Elendrus Teo

Services From Dr Elendrus Teo

Aesthetic services from Dr Elendrus Teo with estimated pricings:

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