Meet Dr Kenneth Lee – Aesthetic And Men’s Health Doctor In Singapore
Dr Kenneth Lee - Aesthetic and Men's Health Doctor In Singapore

Dr Kenneth Lee

Specialty: Anti-aging, Aesthetic, and Regenerative Medicine
Clinic: Dr Plus Aesthetics Clinic


Who Is Dr Kenneth Lee?

Dr Kenneth Lee is the Medical Director of Dr Plus Aesthetics Clinic, and an aesthetic and men’s health doctor in Singapore. He has interests in anti-aging, aesthetic, and regenerative medicine.

Dr Lee graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in the United Kingdom. He trained in general medicine, general surgery, paediatrics, emergency medicine and community medicine in London before returning to Asia to pursue his career.

In Singapore, he worked in various hospitals rotating through medical and surgical departments and later on began his journey towards becoming an aesthetic doctor. Dr Lee participated in numerous courses conducted by the Aesthetic Dermatology Educational Group, Singapore, and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

What Is Dr Lee’s Ethos In Medicine?

Dr Lee believes that anti-aging, aesthetics, and regenerative medicine can bring out the true beauty and enhance the beauty from within. Patients do not only want to be in good health, but they also want to enjoy life to the fullest, be fit and minimise the effects of normal ageing.

10 Question & Answers

The need of medical facilities in the community to offer procedures to enhance the confidence and positive outlook and general well being of oneself. Stigmatisation of male population that weaknesses or illness should be hidden, to promote general wellbeing in male patients.

When a condition is affecting the self esteem or sexual relationships with partners.

Non maleficence, beneficence, autonomy, justice.

Patient is happy with results and recommend us to family members or friends, motivate me to do even better.

• A short penis is not good for sex. Fact: Many men have this misconception that good sex requires a long penis. Procedures to lengthen the penis are merely cosmetic and do not enhance erection.

• Using erection drugs will improve my sex life. Fact: Erection drugs do not increase sex drive. They increase blood flow in the penis, allowing erections to be stronger and more rigid.

Draw pictures, offer evidence from literatures, using analogy relatable to daily activities.

Exercise to maintain energy level, enough sleep, traveling for new experiences to promote new neural pathways, a dose of caffeine.

the vision

Care For Men's Health

“Men’s health issues such as erectile dysfunction are more common than many realise, affecting men of all ages. There’s no need to feel embarrassed—

seeking treatment is a positive step towards improving your health and quality of life. Remember, help is available and effective solutions exist.”

– Dr Kenneth Lee

Services From Dr Kenneth Lee

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