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Our Dermaster Headquarters based in the Heart of Bangkok covering nearly 3,000 sq.m; divided into 6 private beauty centers including Plastic Surgery center, Hair center, Anti-Aging center, Skin Laser and Aesthetics center, and Body center. Our first priority is your privacy and comfort, so all of our treatment and procedures are performed in individual private rooms, where you will discover unique hospitality, total relaxation, and 5 star clinical experience like no others.

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I had been fascinated with the digestive tract since my medical school days. After a stint in General Surgery, I realised I do not enjoy performing surgeries and I would much rather perform endoscopies. Hence Gastroenterology was the obvious choice!

A  Gastroenterologist is a specialist who specialises in dealing with all issues of the
digestive tract. Patients thus consult a Gastroenterologist for issues ranging from problems right at the top like gastric reflux to problems right at the bottom like haemorrhoids and anal fissures.

I read up on general Gastroenterology and Hepatology using Journal Watch (comprising journal articles selected by editors of the esteemed New England Journal of Medicine). For my sub-speciality of Advanced Endoscopy, I read the 2 premier endoscopy journals – Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (GIE) and Endoscopy from USA and Europe respectively.

I strive to be very holistic in managing my patients. I do not just focus on their digestive issues but also help them out in their non-digestive ones as well. I also derive great joy in getting to know my patients and their family members bit by bit. I am very comforted when a patient recommends his/her loved one or friend to come and see me.

Many of my patients inspire me to be a better and stronger version of myself. In Gastroenterology, we deal with late-stage cancer patients quite often. Quite a few of my patients have shown exemplary fortitude and remain positive despite all odds. I can always learn a thing or two from these patients.

Our clinic has a handphone that is manned 24-7. Patients can also reach us via our clinic webpage at any time.

Most definitely. Patients and very often their loved ones need to be aware of the treatment options available including the pros and cons of choosing each option. They must be given a chance to ask questions to ensure that they are fully onboard for their treatment.

By spending enough time with them, and avoiding using technical jargon. I also use a lot of diagrams on my clinic computer screen to illustrate what I am saying to them. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

I relax by spending time with my wife and 2 children especially on an overseas trip. I also enjoy going for runs and watching movies.

Some cancers are preventable and amenable for screening. In Gastroenterology, colorectal cancer is one such cancer and average risk individuals should start screening from the age of 45. Stomach and liver cancer are also preventable to a certain extent and at-risk individuals should discuss this with his/her Gastroenterologist.

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