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Perspectives: Comprehensive Health Screening In Singapore – Best Use Of Your $300?

Comprehensive health screening in Singapore

You’re Turning 50 And You Have $300 To Spend

Suppose you are pushing 50 (or 40, or even 30) and you have, say $300, to spend. There are plenty of options for comprehensive health screening in Singapore that costs around, or under, $300. Would that be a priority spending to help ensure that you can continue to party on for many years to come?

[TL:DR – Yes, health screenings are worth spending on.  Skip right to the end for examples of health screening packages you can get in Singapore for $300 or less.]

Party Like There Is No Tomorrow?

If you are a foodie, you might be tempted to treat yourself to a sumptuous meal of sushi and sashimi on your big day. Sashimi is generally healthy, and omega-3 fats from fish can protect against heart disease (one of the big 3 illnesses Health365.sg will cover). With this budget, you can get a foot into some of the best omasake restaurants in Singapore, but the $300 is all gone in a matter of an hour though.

Alternatively, $300 can also get you a decent-sized tattoo, if suddenly you decide you are a rebel finally ready to emerge. You might regret it the next day though, and tattoo removal does not come cheap.

Raw fish not your thing and getting a tattoo is too risky? $300 is sufficient for a bottle of premium liquor. Binge drinking yourself under the table is not a good idea though – as it “increases the risk of stroke, liver diseases, high blood pressure, risky behaviour, accidents and death”.

$300 Comprehensive Health Screening In Singapore Helps You Party Another Day

The point of this article is of course not to discourage you from enjoying the things you love. It is simply to point out that the cost of comprehensive health screenings in Singapore start at affordable rates and you are not sacrificing much in terms of alternative consumption when you go for one. Getting a health screening is important as it can help detect conditions that may not yet be showing any obvious signs and symptoms. Early detection and treatment increase the chances of successfully dealing with the condition.

If we have successfully convinced you that $300 is a good deal for continued good health, here are some health screening packages under $300 from major clinic chains in Singapore that you can consider.

Raffles Medical – Raffles Lifestyle Package

The Raffles Lifestyle package costs $262.15. With this package you get

  • Interview on Medical History by Doctor
  • Physical Examination by Doctor
  • Clinical Measurements
  • 12-Lead Resting Electrocardiogram
  • Lipid/ Cholesterol Profile
  • Complete Haematological Parameters
  • Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Liver Function Test
  • Kidney Function Test
  • Gout / Uric Acid
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
  • Thyroid Screen (Free T4)
  • Hepatitis A Screening
  • Hepatitis B Screening
  • HIV Screening
  • Venereal Disease (VDRL / TPHA)
  • Urinalysis
  • Stool Occult Blood
  • Post Examination Review by Doctor

Minmed – Straits Package

With Minmed’s Straits package at $299, you get the following:

  • Medical Consultation & Physical Examination by Doctor
  • Biometric Parameters such as Height & Weight (BMI), Blood Pressure, Visual Acuity, etc
  • Urine & Stool Analysis for Urine FEME, Stool Occult, Blood Urine Microalbumin to Creatinine Ratio
  • Blood Analysis
    • Blood Glucose, HbA1C (if blood glucose > 7 mmol), Blood Cholesterol, Full Blood Count, Kidney Function, Liver Function, VDRL, Bone Disease, Gout, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Thyroid Function (FT4,TSH), Rheumatoid Factor, Tumour Markers (AFP (Liver), CEA (Colon))
  • Medical Report & Review with doctor + Lifestyle Counselling

Lifescan Medical Centre – Women Wellness Package $288

Lifescan has a Women Wellness package at $288. There is a similarly-priced package for men as well. The Women Wellness package gets you:

  • Medical Assessment
    • Pre-Health Screening Questionnaire
    • Medical History & Risk Profile Screening
    • Doctor’s Consultation
    • Physical Examination
    • Height & Weight
    • Body Mass Index
    • Blood Pressure Reading
  • Evaluation & Report
    • Post Examination Review & Recommendations
    • Medical Report
    • Health & Lifestyle Counselling
  • Investigation
    • Resting ECG
    • Chest X-ray
  • Laboratory Tests
    • Haematology Profile
    • Hepatitis Profile
    • Cancer Market
    • Diabetic Panel
    • Thyroid Profile
    • STD Screen
    • Lipid / Cardiac Risk Profile
    • Renal Profile 
    • Bone & Joint Profile 
    • Liver Profile 
    • Iron Studies
    • Urine Analysis

All these clinics offer cheaper (under $100, fewer tests included) and also more comprehensive packages too (costing in the thousands, up to over $10,000), so you can select from a range of choices depending on your needs.

How About Health Screenings At Polyclinics?

Polyclinics provide health screenings for specific diseases, but currently do not offer comprehensive health screening packages.  

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This article is informative only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.