Healthsprings Group Launches New Telemedicine App With Aesthetic Medicine Feature

Healthsprings Group Launches New Telemedicine App With Aesthetic Medicine Feature

Healthsprings Group

In a press release, Healthsprings Group announced the launch of Healthsprings Connect, a new telemedicine app designed to provide a broad spectrum of medical and aesthetic services directly to users. The app offers features such as online GP consultations, teleconsultations for skin conditions, and scheduling for aesthetic treatments like FDA-approved slimming programs. Aimed at enhancing accessibility to specialised medical care, the app allows users to receive personalised treatments for conditions such as acne, skin ageing, and more, without the need to travel for appointments.

[Press Release]

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 26 April 2024 – Healthsprings Group announces its launch of Healthsprings Connect, a telemedicine app designed to bring professional medical consultation and personalised treatment plans, including aesthetic medicine services, directly to patients’ fingertips.

What To Expect On Healthsprings Connect

Users can expect a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to diverse healthcare needs. They include:

  • Online GP Consultation for Non-Urgent Symptoms
  • Teleconsultation for Skin Conditions
  • Book FDA-Approved Slimming Treatment
  • Professional Diet and Weight Management Programme
  • Book Health Screening Packages and Vaccinations
  • Consultation for Female Intimate Wellness and Contraceptive Care
  • E-Shop for Supplements, Skincare, and More

Receive Aesthetic Care with Healthsprings Connect
Healthsprings Connect was inspired by Healthsprings Group’s desire to make medical skin health more accessible for everyone, regardless of their life stage. Recognising that many patients struggle with acne treatment, often requiring repeated visits for medication, Healthsprings aim to streamline care and save patients the trouble of travelling for appointments by offering aesthetic medicine services through a digital app. Individuals can now receive personalised treatment for conditions ranging from acne to skin ageing conveniently.

After consultation, users will have the option to schedule in-clinic aesthetic treatments and receive prescribed medicine delivery if needed.

Aesthetic consultation services offered on the app include:

  • Skin consultation for various skin concerns such as acne, ageing, rosacea, eczema, hair loss, skin allergies, skin rashes, skin infections and mole removal.
  • Weight management consultations for personalised dietary plans and medical-grade slimming treatments.

“We are thrilled to connect with more users through Healthsprings Connect and offer guidance and solutions to help more individuals take control of their skin health journey,” said Dr. Soh Lea Sar, Founder and Director of Healthsprings.

About Healthsprings Group
Healthsprings Group is a Singapore-based medical group consisting of family and corporate medicine clinics, women’s health and medical aesthetic clinics. Over the years, they’ve added over 30 aesthetic procedures for the treatment of the skin, body and hair, and they aim to provide ladies in Singapore with comfortable and personalised treatment options in Singapore.

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