Colon Cancer Screening

Tumour Marker Test For Colon Cancer In Singapore

Colon cancer is common in Singapore. Tumour marker tests for colon cancer is offered by clinics as part of their health screening packages.

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Cancer - General Medical Diagnostics Screening

Blood Tests For Cancer In Singapore

Blood tests for cancer in Singapore are common. They may be used for cancer screening or to aid in diagnosis.

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Cancer - General Medical Diagnostics Screening

Cancer Marker Tests In Singapore And How They Help Early Detection Of Cancer

The likelihood of successfully treating cancer is considerably increased with early detection and treatment. Cancer marker tests in Singapore may help patients detect their cancers early and get appropriate treatment.

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Cancer in Singapore Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment In Singapore

Pancreatic cancer is a rare cancer in Singapore but causes a disproportionate number of cancer deaths. We look at the diagnosis and options for pancreatic cancer treatment in Singapore.

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Cancer - General Cancer in Singapore Health365 SG Events Medical Costs

Video Recap For Webinar On Cost Of Cancer Treatment In Singapore Is Now Available

The video recap of our webinar on Understanding the Cost of Cancer Treatment in Singapore and How to Manage The Financial Impact Of Cancer is now available on our video resources page.

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Prostate Cancer Treatments

External Beam Radiation Therapy For Prostate Cancer Treatment in Singapore

Radiation therapy is one of the options for prostate cancer treatment in Singapore. We take a close look at External Beam Radiation Therapy.

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Cancer - General Cancer in Singapore Drugs Treatments

Cancer Treatment – Options for Cancer Pain Control In Singapore

What are the options for for cancer pain control in Singapore? We take a brief look at what doctors administer in Singapore in our article.

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New Drugs and Treatments Prostate Cancer Treatments

Dr Wong Siew Wei, Medical Oncologist At Parkway Cancer Centre, Shares On Treatment Of Advanced Prostate Cancer in Singapore

Dr Wong Siew Wei, medical oncologist at Parkway Cancer Centre, Singapore, spoke about the treatment of advanced prostate cancer at the Gleneagles Hospital Medical Seminar in Aug 22.  

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Prostate Cancer Top Doctors in Singapore - EAB Members

Dr Wong Siew Wei – Singapore Oncologist, Shares on Prostate Cancer and Sexual Function

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer affecting males in Singapore, based on the National Cancer Registry 2019 Annual Report. Prostate cancer and its treatments adversely impact sexual function. Dr Wong Siew Wei, a Senior Consultant, Singapore oncologist at Parkway Cancer Centre and a member of health365.sg’s Expert Advisory Board, writes about this in […]

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Reviewed by Dr Benjamin Yip Stomach Cancer Treatments

Stomach Cancer Treatment In Singapore

What are the options for stomach cancer treatment in Singapore, and the best hospitals and clinics for treatment? Find out here.

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