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Be Mindful Of Your Visceral Fat Level

Being slim does not prevent illnesses associated with obesity. Overweight or not, you need to be mindful about your visceral fat level.

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How Alcohol Consumption Affects Your Health

Besides numerous short and long-term effects, alcohol consumption affects your health in significant ways too. Here are five health impacts.

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Smart Watches That Measure Blood Pressure

Regular monitoring of blood pressure may help to prevent hypertensive heart diseases. There are smart watches that measure blood pressure.

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Why Is Sodium Bad For Our Health And What Are The Effects?

Our body needs some sodium for normal functioning. Find out why consumption of too much sodium is bad for our health too.

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What Is Hypertension, And What You Need To Know About It

What is hypertension? It is another name for high blood pressure. This article outlines its symptoms, causes, and possible health impacts.

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Home Care Services In Singapore

It may be hard to take care of someone with cancer or other serious illness at home. This is where home care services in Singapore come in.

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Can High Cholesterol Cause Cancer? How Can We Lower Our Cholesterol?

While people commonly know that high levels of cholesterol is bad for the heart, it is less well known whether high cholesterol causes cancer.

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Common Medicines For High Blood Pressure In Singapore

The medicines for High Blood Pressure (Anti-hypertensive drugs) used depends on the patient’s overall health and blood pressure level.

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Cancer - General Cardiovascular Disease Preventive Wellness

Smoking in Singapore – Health Impacts and Resources To Help You Quit

The prevalence of smoking in Singapore is low but the health threats exist. Here are the health impacts and the resources to help you quit.

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Read This Before You Check Your Blood Pressure At Home

Monitor your blood pressure to prevent health complications. Here are useful information to know when you check your blood pressure at home.

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