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Best Hospitals In Thailand And Southeast Asia – Phyathai 2 International Hospital

Phyathai 2 International Hospital

Thailand is one of the top destinations for global tourists and it is one of the world’s largest medical tourism destinations. Popular US publication CEOWORLD placed Thailand sixth in its 2019 list of countries with the best healthcare systems. In recent years, medical tourism in Thailand has attracted much attention because of its advanced but lower cost of treatments. These factors allow it to successfully attract increasingly more medical tourists. One of the best hospitals in Thailand is Phyathai 2 International Hospital.

Phyathai 2 International Hospital

Phayathai Hospital Group is one of the six major hospital group brands under the BDMS Group in Thailand. Since its official establishment in 1987, Phayathai Hospital Group has now a total of 5 private general hospitals in Thailand.

Phayathai 2 International Hospital was founded in July 1987. It is a leading medical service institution in Bangkok, committed to providing users with high-quality medical services. Phyathai 2 International Hospital covers an area of ​​11,204 square meters and consists of two buildings with a total of 550 beds for in-patient cases.

Phyathai 2 International Hospital

Convenient Location

Phayathai 2 International Hospital is located at Phahonyothin Road in the centre of Bangkok. It is located at Sanam Pao Station, only 200 meters away from Sanam Pao BTS light rail station.

Facilities, Medical Expertise And International Certification

Phayathai 2 International Hospital is Thailand HA accredited, and has been certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and CCPC. It has more than 20 professional service centres covering treatment and rehabilitation across multiple specialties, and has a number of Centres of Excellence, such as the Heart Centre, the Orthopaedic Institute, GI and Liver Centre and Women Centre.

One-Stop Beauty Centre For Patients’ Aesthetic Medicine Needs

Phyathai 2 International Hospital has a one-stop beauty centre that provides aesthetic plastic surgery and skin treatment services with two main departments – the Cosmetic Laser Centre and the Plastic Surgery Centres. Both centres are equipped with advanced medical equipment and have service teams that ensure that patients receive the best medical services. The service teams are fluent in Chinese, English and Thai. Procedures available at the Beauty Centre include breast augmentation surgery, face or neck lift surgery, rhinoplasty surgery, Botox injections, tummy tuck surgery, body shaping, sex reassignment surgery, and more.

The Beauty Centre at Phyathai 2 International Hospital provides professional care for patients in compliance with the highest international safety standards. It is equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by highly experienced and professional aesthetic doctors and surgeons.

About Breast Augmentation Surgery At Phyathai 2 International Hospital

Phyathai 2 International Hospital has strong expertise in breast augmentation surgery. It adheres to the principle of “Precise incision, fast implantation, minimal wound and minimal pain” for breast augmentation surgery to reduce the inconvenience and pain of postoperative recovery for patients. The patient only needs to stay in the hospital for one day after the operation, and can be discharged the following day. The stitches can be removed after 7 days. Patients are encouraged to get out of bed and walk during postoperative recovery, replacing the traditional ways of recuperation.

Phyathai 2 International Hospital Beauty Centre

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