Ensure® Your Way to More Complete Nutrition with Abbott Nutritional Supplements

Ensure® Your Way to More Complete Nutrition with Abbott Nutritional Supplements

Abbott Ensure nutritional supplements

Abbott is a major healthcare company whose products range from diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition, though to pharmaceuticals. We earlier introduced their Prosure® and Glucerna® line of oral nutritional supplements that is formulated to meet the needs of cancer patients. In this article, we look at another line of nutritional supplements from Abbott – the Ensure® line.

Abbott Nutritional Supplements – Introducing the Ensure® Range

The Ensure® range of products cater to the needs of people ranging from those who just want a convenient source of complete nutrition, through to those who require increased nutritional supplementation (e.g. unable to eat well or have fluid restrictions). There are 9 variants of the Ensure® supplements – we shall take a deeper look at 3 of them.

Ensure® Life

Coming in powder form in 4 flavours (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and wheat), Ensure® Life provides 262 kcal of energy and 10.5g of high-quality proteins per 230ml serving. It also contains HMB, which is a metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine). HMB together with protein supports muscle building and growth. Ensure® Life is intended to “deliver complete, balanced nutrition” and consumed as a supplement or even as a meal replacement.

Ensure® Gold HMB

This nutritional supplement comes in liquid form, and contains HMB as well. It provides “complete and balanced nutrition” provides “strength on the go”. It provides more energy at 270 kcal per serving (220ml) compared to Ensure® Life, and also more protein at 11g per serving. Abbott recommends using it to help fill in potential nutrients gaps. Vanilla is the only flavour available for Ensure® Gold.

Ensure® Plus

Abbott Ensure® Plus is for people who require greater nutritional support, such as those who are unable to eat well or have fluid restrictions. Abbott describes its usage as either oral supplementation or tube feeding. Ensure® Plus comes in packages of 200ml, and available flavours (in tetra packaging) includes vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and raspberry. Only coffee flavour is available in bottle packaging. Each serving of Ensure® Plus provides 300 kcal of energy and 12.5g of protein. Abbott mentions that Ensure® Plus is suitable for cancer patients and patients with congestive heart failure, among others.

Free Samples of Abbott Ensure® Nutritional Supplements Available

If you want to try the products before buying, you can request for samples from Abbott. You may also wish to confirm with your doctor on the suitability of these supplements for you.

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This article is informative only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.