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Three Common Cancer Myths And Misconceptions

There is no shortage of misinformation when it comes to cancer. In this article, we will explore three common cancer myths and misconceptions.

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Meditation To Support Cancer Treatment

Meditation to support cancer treatment, also referred to as mindfulness-based therapy, may help increase quality of life and improve outcomes.

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Blood Tests For Cancer In Singapore

Blood tests for cancer in Singapore are common. They may be used for cancer screening or to aid in diagnosis.

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Cancer Marker Tests In Singapore And How They Help Early Detection Of Cancer

The likelihood of successfully treating cancer is considerably increased with early detection and treatment. Cancer marker tests in Singapore may help patients detect their cancers early and get appropriate treatment.

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Best Exercises For Cancer Patients

Exercise may improve cancer treatment outcomes and reduce the chances of new cancers. What are the best exercises for cancer patients?

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How Cancer Affects Families In Singapore

Besides the patients, cancer affects families too. It changes dynamics of relationships, goals and ambitions, and financial circumstances.

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Home Care Services In Singapore

It may be hard to take care of someone with cancer or other serious illness at home. This is where home care services in Singapore come in.

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Can High Cholesterol Cause Cancer? How Can We Lower Our Cholesterol?

While people commonly know that high levels of cholesterol is bad for the heart, it is less well known whether high cholesterol causes cancer.

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Video Recap For Webinar On Cost Of Cancer Treatment In Singapore Is Now Available

The video recap of our webinar on Understanding the Cost of Cancer Treatment in Singapore and How to Manage The Financial Impact Of Cancer is now available on our video resources page.

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Oncology Physiotherapy In Singapore – What Is It?

Oncology physiotherapy helps patients in Singapore reduce side effects of cancer treatments via exercise, manual therapy and rehabilitation.

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