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Cost Comparison: LASIK Eye Surgery In Singapore

In this article, we discuss LASIK – what it is, is it safe, clinics you should consider, and the LASIK eye surgery cost in Singapore.

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Cataracts Conditions - General Eye Care Medical Costs Most Viewed

Cataract Surgery Cost Singapore: Public Hospitals vs. Private Eye Clinics

We compare the average cost and waiting time for cataract surgery between public hospitals and private eye clinics in Singapore.

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Cancer - General Cardiovascular Disease Most Viewed Screening

The Cost Of PET Scan In Singapore

A PET scan cost in Singapore may vary depending on the choice of hospital. Private healthcare providers may charge S$2,200 or above.

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Cardiovascular Disease

Stroke In Singapore: Statistics, Causes, And Risk Factors

Stroke in Singapore is the fourth leading cause of death. We discuss what stroke is, its statistics in Singapore, causes, and risk factors.

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Diabetes In Singapore: How To Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Discover the statistics of diabetes in Singapore and some tips on diabetes prevention.

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Cardiovascular Disease Screening

Health Screening For Heart Disease: CT Calcium Score

CT Calcium Score is a health screening for heart disease to detect the amount of calcified plaque in the arteries.

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Cardiovascular Disease Conditions - General Screening

Chest Feels Tight? Here Are The Possible Reasons Why.

Your chest feels tight and you are wondering why? We look at some of the common causes, and when you should see a doctor.

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Cancer - General Cardiovascular Disease Most Viewed Screening

What Is A PET Scan And What Is It Used For?

In this article, we will explore what a PET scan is, compare it to CT and MRI scans, and explain why they are often used together.

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Conditions - General Screening

Why It Is Important To Screen For Fatty Liver In Singapore

Fatty Liver Disease is a common disease that can lead to cancer. It is important to have regular health check-ups and screen for fatty liver.

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Conditions - General Indoor Air Quality Wellness

Buy Air Purifier? Understand These Air Filter Rating Systems First

In this article, we discuss the different air filter rating systems so that you can make an informed decision when buying an air purifier.

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