Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre Expands To Farrer Park Hospital

Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre Expands To Farrer Park Hospital

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Looking for endoscopy services such as colonoscopy and gastroscopy in Singapore? Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre has opened its newest clinic location at Farrer Park Hospital, making it more convenient for patients who now have an additional choice of location (in addition to the clinic located at Mount Elizabeth Orchard). Led by Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr Benjamin Yip, Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre brings its renowned expertise closer to patients, providing comprehensive services and advanced treatments for gastrointestinal conditions.

Comprehensive Services Tailored To Your Needs

At Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre, patients receive personalised care tailored to their unique health needs. From comprehensive screenings to advanced diagnostic tests and minimally invasive treatments, the centre offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at promoting gut health and overall well-being.

The addition of Farrer Park Hospital to Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre’s network signifies a commitment to expanding patient-centred care. With this new location, patients now have another convenient option to access gastroenterology services. The new clinic aims to cater to a wider demographic, ensuring that individuals across Singapore have easy access to specialised care for digestive and liver health concerns.

An Expert In Gastrointestinal Health

Under the expertise of Dr Benjamin Yip, Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre embodies excellence in gastrointestinal care. Dr Yip’s extensive experience in both public and private sectors, coupled with his dedication to patient well-being, makes him the preferred choice for individuals seeking expert guidance and treatment for gastrointestinal and hepatological conditions.

Dr Yip emphasises the importance of preventive measures in maintaining gastrointestinal health. Through proactive screening and early detection, conditions such as gastric and colorectal cancer can be identified and treated effectively. Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre provides screening procedures, including colonoscopy and gastroscopy in Singapore, to detect and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

Learn more about Dr Yip in the link below.

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