Eight Ideas On How To Incorporate Daily Exercise Into Our Busy Lifestyle

Incorporate daily exercise into your busy lifestyle

One of the most crucial things we can do for our health is to get some daily exercise. Physical activity can strengthen our bones and muscles, help us maintain a healthy weight, increase our ability to carry out daily tasks, and improve our cardiovascular health.

Adults who spend less time sitting and instead engage in any level of moderate-to-vigorous exercise reap some health benefits. Physical activity can have a greater influence on our health than many other lifestyle decisions.

However, exercising regularly is easier said than done because, after a long day of working and managing our busy life, perhaps all we want is to just lie down and not do anything. It can be challenging to incorporate daily exercise into our busy life, but it is certainly not impossible.

8 Ways You Can Incorporate Daily Exercise Into Your Busy Lifestyle

1. Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier

The best time to get some light exercise done is early morning before you are off to work or school. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than you are used to and be disciplined when the alarm goes off. Instead, off snoozing the alarm you need to wake up and get your body moving. Do some light exercise to help you start the day with an extra burst of energy. Light workout like a morning walk, or morning yoga has many benefits to your body and lifestyle.

2. Take the longer route

Choose a longer route when you are walking to your school or office. Get off the bus one stop earlier. Choose a car park further away. Try to use this opportunity to get your steps and burn your calories. Walking can also help you to put your mind at ease and reorganize your thoughts.

3. Use the stairs

Instead of getting on the elevator, you can climb up the stairs. This is the opportunity for you to achieve that 10k steps on your step count app. This simple activity of walking and climbing up the stairs brings so many benefits to our body like helping you to lose weight, improving your sleeping, and reducing the risk of developing a heart attack.

4. Have lunch outside, not in the same building

Getting your lunch outside your office building can be a way for you to get daily exercise because you are walking to your lunch place. Furthermore, you might also discover a new and healthy lunch spot for you and your colleagues.

5. Sit on an exercise / gym ball while you work

While sitting on an exercise / gym ball when doing your work in the office may get you some curious looks, it is actually considered an exercise! This is because sitting on an exercise / gym ball for just 20 minutes can help to strengthen your core and improve your stability. Get one online easily for instance, from Lazada or Amazon.

6. Get a workout while watching the kids

If you are a parent with kids, just because you are watching them on the weekends does not mean you need to miss out on your exercise. A walk in the park or in our nature reserves is a great workout as well as quality family time. If you are bringing the kids out for tuition lessons, you can take a brisk walk around the neighbourhood while in between lessons. Need some ideas? Check out these recommendations for some of the best places in Singapore for hiking.

7. Find a physical activity that you enjoy

The main reason why you may lose motivation to continue your exercise routine is that you do not enjoy the activity. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and want to make time for whether it is Zumba, yoga, or weight lifting, it does not matter. Because when you enjoy the exercise, you will happily and willingly find time to do it. 

8. Find a workout buddy

Everything is fun when you are doing it with your friends or partner. Have a workout buddy to motivate each other to exercise and you can also join a gym or pilates class together. This can help you to have a stronger bond with each other while improving your health.

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This article is informative only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.