Breast Augmentation In Korea: What You Need To Know

Breast Augmentation In Korea: What You Need To Know

Breast Augmentation Korea


South Korea has emerged as a global hub for cosmetic surgery, with breast augmentation being one of the most sought-after procedures among both local residents and medical tourists. This phenomenon reflects not only a cultural shift towards beauty ideals but also the country’s expertise in advanced medical techniques and technologies. In this article, we will discuss breast augmentation in Korea – its pros and cons, costs, and more.

Why Should You Consider Breast Augmentation In Korea

1. Advanced Techniques And Technologies

Korea’s cosmetic surgery industry is known for its innovation and commitment to excellence. Plastic surgeons in Korea are highly trained and skilled, often utilising modern techniques and technologies to achieve superior results. For breast augmentation, procedures such endoscopic breast augmentation are commonly performed, allowing for more precise placement of implants and minimised scarring.

2. Emphasis on Natural Results

One of the hallmarks of breast augmentation in Korea is the emphasis on achieving natural-looking results. Unlike the exaggerated, “overdone” aesthetic sometimes associated with cosmetic surgery, Korean plastic surgeons prioritise subtle enhancements that complement the patient’s overall appearance. This approach involves careful consideration of factors such as implant size, shape, and placement to ensure harmonious proportions and a balanced silhouette.

3. Medical Tourism and Accessibility

Korea’s reputation as a leading destination for cosmetic surgery has attracted a growing number of medical tourists from around the world, including those seeking breast augmentation procedures. The country’s modern medical facilities, English-speaking staff, and competitive pricing make it an appealing choice for individuals looking to undergo cosmetic procedures abroad. Additionally, the Korean government has implemented regulations to ensure the safety and quality of medical services provided to international patients.

Are There Cons?

While there are multiple benefits of doing breast augmentation in Korea, there are also cons to be considered. For some, language barriers may be a challenge for non-English-speaking international patients seeking medical services in Korea. Cultural differences may also impact the overall experience.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation In Korea Cost Compared To Other Countries?

Below is a table comparing the costs associated with breast augmentation procedures in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Korea. These costs are estimates.


Average Cost


S$4,000 to S$21,000


S$3,000 to S$8,000


S$3,300 to $9,500


S$11,000 to S$20,000

The cost of breast augmentation may vary based on factors like the surgeon’s expertise, facility fees, type of implants, the amount of augmentation required, and the prevailing exchange rate (when done overseas). It is essential for you to consider all associated costs, including pre and post-operative care.

It is important to note that a breast augmentation procedure may incur other costs such as:

  • Consultation Fees.
  • Day Surgery Charge.
  • Government service charge or taxes.

To know more about the pros and cons of doing breast augmentation in Korea in comparison to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, refer to our article below:

Consult Our Preferred Doctor In Korea On Breast Augmentation

Dr Jeongho Cha is the primary plastic surgeon at Mina Plastic Surgery in South Korea. He belongs to the top circle of plastic surgeons in Korea and is certified by all government approved plastic surgery boards. He is also an international member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the largest plastic surgery specialty organisation in the world, which comprises 94% of all board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States. Dr Jeongho Cha is a fluent English speaker with a diverse international clientele, trusted by patients from Japan, Indonesia and Singapore.

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Breast augmentation is a transformative procedure and your satisfaction should be the most important consideration. Choosing the right location for breast augmentation involves weighing these pros and cons against individual preferences, budget constraints, and desired outcomes. 

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Primer: Breast Augmentation And Its Types

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