Eyelid Surgery Cost Comparison In Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, And Singapore

Eyelid Surgery Cost Comparison In Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, And Singapore

Eyelid Surgery Cost


Decided to have an eyelid surgery for a more youthful look? You may also consider having it done overseas. Aside from the historically high strength of the Singapore dollar, there are various reasons for exploring some options. In this article, we will discuss eyelid surgery costs in Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore and give you some factors to consider when choosing your destination.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Overseas Destination For Eyelid Surgery

  • Cost: Compare the cost of eyelid surgery in different destinations, including the surgery itself, preoperative consultations, post-operative care, and any additional expenses such as travel and accommodation.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Some people may prefer to undergo aesthetic surgery procedures outside of their home country for better privacy and confidentiality. By travelling overseas, they can enjoy a higher level of anonymity, and reduce the chances of their procedure being publicly known.
  • Cultural and Language Affinity: Consider language barriers and the ease of communication with medical staff. Choose a destination where you feel comfortable communicating with the healthcare providers.
  • Tourism Opportunities: Combining aesthetic procedures with a vacation is another factor that attracts people to do it in other countries. They can take advantage of the opportunity to explore the region’s vibrant culture, scenic attractions, and renowned hospitality while undergoing their breast augmentation procedure.
  • Travel Logistics: Evaluate the ease of travel to the destination, including visa requirements, flight availability, travel time, and transportation within the country.

Cost Comparison: Choosing The Destination That Best Fits Your Budget

Below is a table comparing the costs associated with eyelid surgery procedures in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Korea. These costs are estimates.


Average Cost


S$3,000 to S$5,000


S$1,300 to S$4,000


S$2,300 to $3,500


S$3,500 to S$7,000

The cost of eyelid surgery may vary based on factors like the surgeon’s expertise, facility fees, type of surgery (upper or lower), and the prevailing exchange rate (when done overseas). It is essential for you to consider all associated costs, including pre and post-operative care.

It is important to note that an eyelid surgery procedure may incur other costs such as:

  • Consultation Fees.
  • Government service charge or taxes.

Hospitals And Doctors For Eyelid Surgery In Korea, Thailand, Malaysia And Singapore You Can Consider

Here is a tabulation for your convenience, of some of some hospitals and doctors in Korea, Thailand and Malaysia you can consider.



Google Rating

Surgeon Profile

Korea (Seoul)



Dr Jeongho Cha

Our Preferred Doctor in Korea. A top plastic surgeon in Korea.




Dr Narongdet Jianpeepan

A top plastic surgeon in Thailand from our partner hospital.



Dr Tawisak Labchitkuson

A top plastic surgeon in Thailand from our partner hospital.




Dr Azura Binti Ramlee



Prof Dato' Dr David Cheah Sin Hing


Not Availabe.

Dr Samuel Ho

Not Available.

Dr Martin Huang

Consult Our Preferred Doctor In Korea On Your Eyelid Surgery

Dr Jeongho Cha is the primary plastic surgeon at Mina Plastic Surgery in South Korea. He belongs to the top circle of plastic surgeons in Korea and is certified by all government approved plastic surgery boards. He is also an international member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the largest plastic surgery specialty organisation in the world, which comprises 94% of all board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States. Dr Jeongho Cha is a fluent English speaker with a diverse international clientele, trusted by patients from Japan, Indonesia and Singapore.

Click on the image below to learn more about Dr Cha. Find out if he is the best plastic surgeon for you.

If you are interested in eyelid surgery in Korea, contact us to book a consultation with Dr Jeongho Cha.

Eyelid Surgery Packages From Our Partners You Can Consider

Mina Plastic Surgery

Upper Blepharoplasty
Lower Blepharoplasty

Book A Consultation With A Plastic Surgeon Through Health365 Aesthetic

Choosing the right location for eyelid surgery involves weighing pros and cons against individual preferences, budget constraints, and desired outcomes. 

Health365 Aesthetic can facilitate bookings as well as beauty tours so you may have the chance to visit some clinics before committing to your eyelid surgery procedure. Let us guide you towards your beauty journey. Contact us through the button below.

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