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Benefits Of Lean Meat And Local Dishes With Lean Meat In Singapore

Benefits of lean meat

What Is Lean Meat?

Meats having a low-fat content are referred to as lean meats. Lean meat options include skinless chicken, skinless turkey, and red meat like pork with the fat removed. In comparison to non-lean meats, lean meats are lower in calories and a rich source of protein. People that follow low-calorie, low-fat diets prefer lean meats and there are numerous health benefits of lean meat.

Five Top Benefits Of Lean Meat

Lower The Risk For Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular diseases are leading causes of death in the Singapore. Switching from fatty meats to lean meats can help to lower the risk of getting heart diseases.

Boost Your Metabolism

Lean protein can help to increase a person’s metabolism. A person who has high metabolism is able to more efficiently use calories from food for energy. Lean proteins come with nutrients that help boost body metabolism. This helps in weight control, and may even provide better sleep at night (lack of sleep has adverse health effects).

Muscle Growth

Lean meat can aid in the growth of powerful muscles (with the appropriate strength-building exercises). Lean protein aids in the development and repair processes in your body. When you eat protein, it gets broken down into amino acids, which your body needs to repair and build muscle.

Stronger Immune System

High quantities of zinc are present in many lean proteins. Zinc is well known for strengthening the human immune system. Some foods naturally contain zinc, so why not get it naturally instead of taking nutritional supplements? Good amounts of zinc can be found in skinless chicken and lean pork.

A Good Source Of Vitamin B

Vitamin B is also found in lean meats. Vitamin B supports healthy cell metabolism, supports brain health, and helps control energy levels. Additionally, it can support good digestion and safeguard your bones.

How To Turn Three Local Delicious Dishes Into Healthy Choices With Lean Meat

There is a variety of delicious and healthy local food that can provide you with the lean meat that you need.

Chicken Rice

Who says chicken rice is always unhealthy? Chicken rice served with steamed or roasted chicken breast with the skin removed, is a good source of unprocessed meat that is lean. You will also want to reduce or forgo the gravy to reduce fat and sodium intake. Give the soup a miss too, to avoid its high salt content. On the other hand, do add side orders of boiled vegetables for the dietary fiber, but similarly, reduce the amount of gravy with the vegetables too.

Wonton Noodles (Soup-Based)

Soup-based wonton noodles with boiled minced pork dumplings, char siew and vegetables can also be a healthy choice with some modifications (also, just avoid stalls that insist on using fatty meats). This dish is generally low in calorie and fat. Increase the amount of fiber by asking for more vegetables if insufficient is given. A caveat is that it is generally high in sodium, so you will want to avoid drinking the soup to limit the amount of sodium ingested.

Chicken Congee

Use shredded chicken with your congee and you will end up with a dish that is low in fat and provides a good source of lean proteins. Just add vegetables for fiber and avoid putting in too much sodium and seasoning. The rice contributes calories, but the higher water content in congee can help to limit how much we consume at a go.

Healthy Places For Eating Out

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