Health Screening at Minmed – A Trusted And Leading Healthcare Provider Who Transformed Health Screening Experience In Singapore

Minmed Health Screening

Minmed Group is a healthcare company that provides a range of health and wellness services, including medical consultations, health screening, telemedicine, nutrition and fitness.

Minmed Group aims to provide accessible and affordable healthcare, leveraging technology to improve the efficiency and quality of their services. The growing network of more than 20 GP clinics islandwide, each located near MRT stations for easy access. Beyond GP care, Minmed Group provides health screening at their flagship centre located in Orchard, Paragon offering customised health screening packages and imaging studies within an elegantly designed 3,000 ft sq space.

The new concept, Minmed Wellness Collective at Jewel Changi Airport is meticulously designed to offer a holistic wellness experience. In addition to the unparalleled health screening experience that is reminiscent of first class travel, you can enjoy fitness classes like Yoga, Barre, Pilates among the lush greenery at the Canopy Park and Rhythm Cycling at the iconic HSBC Rain Vortex.

20 years on, Minmed remains steadfast in their commitment to patient-centric healthcare and technological advancement. Other than the Executive Health Screening centre, all of Minmed clinics also offer quick and effective Clinic Health Screening services that are available daily, making it even easier for their patients to prioritise their health. No fasting is needed for health screening which means patients can drop in anytime without the need to fast.

Minmed Facilities
Minmed Facilities
Minmed Facilities

Minmed Facilities

Health365 Partnership With Minmed

Health365.sg is proud to partner with Minmed Group to offer Minmed health screening packages to our readers on our e-commerce platform. With 20 clinics island-wide and a flagship centre at Paragon, you can enjoy convenient health screening at Minmed in many locations in Singapore. Health screening allows you to understand your risks for cancer and other serious chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Early detection saves lives by enabling early management and treatment.

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