Health Screening At StarMed Specialist Centre – One-Stop Medical Care Centre In Singapore

Health Screening At StarMed Specialist Centre – One-Stop Medical Care Centre In Singapore

StarMed Medical Centre

StarMed Specialist Centre was established in 2018 and is part of HMI Group. Spread over 11 levels in an up-scale building in the heart of Singapore, StarMed Specialist Centre provides a one-stop private ambulatory care to patients from Singapore and overseas. Health365 is proud to partner with StarMed to offer on our online e-commerce platform packages for health screening at StarMed Specialist Centre.

Being a one-stop centre, StarMed improves the healthcare experience for patients by reducing the need for patients to move from department to department. Their comprehensive offerings include health screening, GP and specialist clinics, operating theatres, endoscopy suites, radiology facilities, physiotherapy centre, day suites and occupational health services. MRI and CT scans, and endoscopy procedures such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy are all available at StarMed. StarMed has more than 35 experienced doctors with specialties that include cardiology, urology, digestive, orthopaedic, minimally invasive surgery and radiology.

Health Screening At StarMed Specialist Centre

StarMed offers a wide range of health screening services to patients in Singapore and around the world. With its integration of health screening services with specialist medical services, StarMed is able to offer an additional option for health screening whereby patients’ screenings are conducted, and results are reviewed by, an Internal Medicine specialist instead of a GP. We have worked with StarMed make this option a default in the 2 Cancer Screening packages available on our platform.

StarMed Specialist Centre Location

StarMed Specialist Centre is located at 12 Farrer Park Station Road, conveniently next to Farrer Park MRT station.


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