Colonoscopy Cost In Singapore Might Surprise You

Colonoscopy Cost In Singapore Might Surprise You

Colonoscopy cost in Singapore

A colonoscopy is an examination of the inside of your big intestine. The purpose of this examination is to identify gastrointestinal illnesses such as colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers in Singapore. However, it is also preventable as most colorectal cancers take time to develop from the colon or from rectal polyps. In this regard, colonoscopy is a good form of colorectal cancer prevention as it enables doctors to detect and removes the polyps before they become cancerous. In Singapore, it is recommended that people without any colorectal cancer risk factors start colonoscopy screening from aged 50. People with increased risk of developing this cancer should start screening earlier. Colonoscopy cost in Singapore might vary depending on a number of factors.

Colonoscopy In Singapore

Colonoscopy costs for routine screening are typically lower. The cost of a diagnostic colonoscopy to diagnose a certain ailment is slightly more expensive on average. Due to the added complexity, histological evaluation (by a pathologist), and use of specialised instruments during the process, the expenses will rise with the addition of procedures like removing growths, taking biopsies, or other treatments carried out using colonoscopy.

The hospital or clinic you select and whether you decide to receive the operation as an outpatient or an inpatient are other factors to take into account. Due to government subsidies, outpatient colonoscopies at public hospitals are typically more affordable for Singaporean citizens and permanent residents. To determine whether an endoscopy is necessary, a polyclinic doctor must first assess the patient before sending a referral letter to a specialist for additional testing. Some patients might want a more tailored experience or the ability to select the specialist of their choice. That will require a visit to a private gastroenterologist instead for the procedure to be performed at a private facility.

Average Colonoscopy Cost In Singapore

For colonoscopy cost in Singapore, we can expect to pay around $2,000 – $3,500 in private clinics or hospitals. Requirements for biopsies or polyp removal will result in additional costs.

MOH historical data also shows that a median cost of about $1,700 for day-surgery procedures (“colonoscopy with removal of tissue or abnormal growth with scope”) done in public hospitals (with government subsidies), and about $5,600 at restructured hospitals without subsidies.

Colonoscopy Price Comparison – Singapore, Malaysia And Thailand

For those who find the cost of colonoscopy in Singapore prohibitive, an alternative is to undergo the procedure in a neighbouring country where medical costs are generally lower. Based on online sources, the starting prices of stand-alone colonoscopy procedures in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand range from:

CountryStarting CostRemarks
SingaporeS$2,000 to S$3,500Singapore private healthcare is world-class in quality and has the benefit of convenience for Singapore-based patients.
MalaysiaS$400 to S$880Many Malaysian hospitals are internationally-accredited and delivers excellent service.
At this price range, exclusions may include pre-admission and post-procedure consultation, examination, and medication. Additional charges apply for further consultation, medication, investigation, and treatment.
ThailandS$810 to S$1,620Many Thailand hospitals are internationally-accredited and delivers excellent service.

The actual cost will vary depending on the choice of hospital and the type of sedation used. This would also be before the cost of any other related procedures such as polyp removal or biopsies, or additional medication required.

MediSave And Insurance Support For Colonoscopy In Singapore

MediSave can be used to pay for colonoscopy screening at all public healthcare institutions and approved private hospitals and medical institutions, for Singaporeans aged 50 years old and above and provided it is a day surgery procedure.

All Integrated Shield Plan insurers in Singapore provide coverage of colonoscopies which are deemed “medically necessary” (as of Feb 23).

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