Conventional Pap Smear Vs Thinprep

Conventional Pap Smear Vs Thinprep

Pap Smear Vs Thinprep

Cervical cancer is a significant health concern for women in Singapore and around the world. Early detection is important for better chances of successful treatment. In this article, we discuss the difference between two types of screening tests for cervical cancer:  conventional Pap smear vs Thinprep.

What Are The Similarities And Differences?

Pap smear and Thinprep are types of cervical cancer screening tests used to detect abnormal cells in a woman’s cervix. Below are some of the similarities and differences of a conventional Pap smear vs thinprep.

Collection Method

Pap smear and Thinprep have a similar collection method. It involves the healthcare provider using a spatula or brush and gently scraping it along the surface of the cervix to collect sample cells. The collected sample will then be used for observation or processing to indicate if there is a presence of cancer or precancerous cells.

Laboratory Processing

The key difference of a conventional Pap smear vs Thinprep lies in the laboratory processing. In a pap smear, the sample cells are fixed to a slide and stained for examination under the microscope. In a Thinprep test, on the other hand, the sample cells are placed into a vial of liquid solution that will be processed by a machine to remove unwanted materials such mucus, blood, and inflammation. The filtered out sample will then be placed in a slide for examination.


Thinprep is believed to be more sensitive than conventional pap smear at detecting abnormal cells from the cervix. This is because the mucus, blood, and other unwanted materials are filtered out in a thin prep test before the observation, making it less likely to miss abnormal cells. 


In terms of price with conventional Pap smear vs Thinprep, Thinprep is generally speaking, more expensive than pap smears. However, the cost may vary depending on several factors such as the healthcare provider, location, and if the test is done as part of a routine check up or for diagnostic purposes. 

Overall, Pap smear and Thinprep are effective types of cervical cancer screening. The choice between the two tests lies on each individual in consideration of some factors such as cost, availability, and own preferences.

Where To Get Pap Smear Or ThinPrep?

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