Hearing Aid Singapore Price

Hearing aid Singapore prices

If you are looking to get a hearing aid and do a search on Google for “hearing aid Singapore price”, chances are, it will be hard to find a precise answer. This is because the hearing aids are sold not simply as products, but as solutions which include hearing tests, hearing aid programming, device servicing and other essential after-sales support. The price of a hearing aid in Singapore thus depends on the brand and model of the hearing aid, and on the value-adds offered by the hearing centre selling the device.

Generally speaking, the cost of a hearing aid will be from around $800 to $8,000 per piece (i.e. if you need a device for both ears, it will cost double). A large contributing factor to price differences between models will be due to differences in the feature and specification set of the hearing aid, with advanced models costing significantly more than basic models, even within the same brand.

What Are Some Hearing Aid Features And Specifications That Will Differentiate Prices Between Models

Hearing aid price will be higher for models with more advanced features and specifications. Broadly speaking, these features and specifications may be classified into those that affect the quality of the sound being amplified, and those that provide better daily ease-of-use.

Examples of features and specifications that affect sound quality include:

  • Advanced technologies for the digital processing of sounds and for amplification of sounds;
  • Number of speakers in the device;
  • Separation of speech from background noise and clarity of speech amplified by the device;
  • Ability of device to amplify music more fully.

Examples of features and specifications that affect ease-of-use include:

  • Does the device use rechargeable or disposable batteries;
  • Wireless charging;
  • Availability of wireless connectivity;
  • Other Smart / AI features and optimisations;
  • Feature set of app for self-adjustment or remote-adjustment of device programming.

Hearing Aid Singapore Price – Are There Any Government Subsidies?

The price of a hearing aid in Singapore is definitely not cheap. Fortunately, there are 2 government assistance schemes (as of Feb 2023) that may be used to support the purchase of hearing aids.

One applicable government assistance scheme is the Assistive Technology Fund (ATF). ATF is aimed at helping persons with disabilities to purchase assistive technology devices to enable independent living, and is open to both Singapore citizens and PRs. Subsidies can be up to 90% of the cost of the device, with a lifetime cap of $40,000. This scheme is subject to means-testing.

There is the Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) which is open to Singapore citizens aged 60 above and staying at home. SMF subsidises up to 90% of the cost of the hearing aid, or the maximum subsidy cap on the device, subject to means testing and other qualifying criteria.

Persons who have tapped on ATF prior to age 60 will continue to be supported under ATF and may not make use of SMF. Conversely, those who are 60 and above will be served by SMF if they have not tapped on ATF previously.

MediSave cannot be used for the purchase of hearing aids.

Where To Buy Hearing Aids In Singapore

There are a number of hearing centres in Singapore whereby you can get your hearing tested and purchase a set of professionally recommended hearing aids. Hearing aids may also available from hospitals if they have ENT departments. Here are some hearing centres in Singapore you can consider:

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This article is informative only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.