How Much Does Mammogram Screening Cost In Singapore?

How Much Does Mammogram Screening Cost In Singapore?

Mammogram Cost In Singapore

A mammogram screening is a medical procedure used to detect early signs of breast cancer in women. In Singapore, breast cancer is the most common cancer among females, accounting for 17% of deaths from 2015 to 2019. If you want to know the mammogram screening cost in Singapore, this article will discuss the prices, available subsidies as well as health screening packages options that includes mammogram screening.

Mammogram Subsidies In Singapore

The Screen For Life by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) grants eligible women ages 50 years old and above subsidised mammogram screenings at selected government polyclinics. 

As of August 1, 2023, the subsidised mammogram screening cost in Singapore are as follows:

  • S$50 for Singapore citizens
  • S$75 for Permanent residents (PR)
  • S$37.50 for Merdeka Generation Card holders
  • S$25 for Pioneer Generation Cardholders.

Furthermore, Medisave may also be used for mammogram screening at MediSave-approved centres. S$500 may be used per Medisave account. 

Free Mammogram Services In Singapore

The Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) also offers eligible Singaporean women aged 50 years old and above free mammography services at their SCS Clinic in Bishan. 

Comprehensive Health Screening Packages With Mammogram Screening

If you are looking to undergo a comprehensive health screening, mammograms are often included in health screening packages for women. Health365 in partnership with trusted healthcare providers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand offers health screening packages that include mammogram screening. For further questions and inquiries, you may contact us through the WhatsApp button below.

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