Looking For Lower Cost Of Colonoscopy? Travelling To Malaysia Or Thailand For A Colonoscopy Compared With Doing It In Singapore.

Looking For Lower Cost Of Colonoscopy? Travelling To Malaysia Or Thailand For A Colonoscopy Compared With Doing It In Singapore.

Cost of colonoscopy in Singapore vs doing in Malaysia or Thailand

Colonoscopy is a medical procedure for detecting and preventing colorectal cancer. In this article, we will compare the estimated expenses a Singaporean would incur when undergoing a colonoscopy in Singapore, Johor (Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and in Bangkok (Thailand). We will also factor in the cost of travel, local transportation, and a 2-night hotel stay for a comprehensive comparison.

Cost Of Doing The Procedure In Singapore

In Singapore, the starting cost of a colonoscopy can range from S$2,000 to S$3,500, depending on the healthcare facility and the complexity of the procedure. However, for this comparison, we will consider an average starting cost of S$2,500 for a colonoscopy in Singapore. For example, a colonoscopy package from AsiaMedic available via our ecommerce portal is priced at S$2,538.

Total Estimated Cost Of Colonoscopy In Johor, Malaysia

Johor Bahru, located just across the border from Singapore, offers a more affordable option for medical procedures, including colonoscopy. To get to Johor, a round-trip bus ticket from Singapore would cost about S$20. Local taxi fares within Johor are relatively inexpensive, averaging S$5 for short distances. Additionally, a 2-night stay at a mid-range hotel in Johor would cost approximately S$150.

The average cost of a colonoscopy in Malaysia starts from around S$400 to S$880 (average S$640), which is significantly lower than Singapore. The cost of colonoscopy at Regency Specialist Hospital starts from about S$490, for instance.

Total Estimated Cost Of Colonoscopy In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, also provides excellent medical facilities at a reasonable cost. To reach Kuala Lumpur from Singapore, a round-trip coach ride would cost around S$90. Local taxis in Kuala Lumpur have moderate fares, with an average cost of S$5 for short rides. A 2-night stay in a mid-range hotel would be approximately S$350.

At Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur, the “all-in” cost of colonoscopy, which includes daycare services, removal of polyps, etc, can be expected to start from around S$1,685 (as such, this estimate includes items that are not included yet in other cost estimates in this article).

Total Estimated Cost Of Colonoscopy In Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is renowned for its renowned healthcare facilities and affordability. To reach Bangkok from Singapore, a round-trip flight ticket would cost around S$300. Local taxi fares in Bangkok are relatively low, with an average cost of S$2 for short distances. A 2-night stay at a mid-range hotel would be approximately S$150.

The starting cost of a colonoscopy in Bangkok is approximately S$810 to S$1,620 (average S$810). The starting cost at Bangkok Hospital for example, is S$939. At Phyathai 2 Hospital, it is about S$946.

Starting Cost Estimate Comparison Table

LocationAverage Colonoscopy Starting Cost (S$)International Travel Cost (S$)Hotel Cost (S$)Total Starting Cost Estimate
Johor, MalaysiaS$640S$20S$150S$470
Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaS$640S$90S$350S$1,080
Bangkok, ThailandS$810S$300S$150S$1,260

When comparing the costs of a colonoscopy for a Singaporean, Johor, Malaysia, emerges as the most cost-effective option, with significant savings on the procedure. However, if seeking more options and a slightly higher cost, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok provide excellent healthcare facilities along with a chance to explore vibrant cities. Always consult with medical professionals and consider various factors before deciding on the location for a colonoscopy. For more questions or inquiries, contact us through the WhatsApp button below.

[Updated 17 Aug 23]

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