Home Care Services In Singapore

Home Care Services In Singapore

Home care services in Singapore

Cancer patients (and other patients living with serious medical conditions) frequently need medical care and support as they go through their recovery process, or as they undergo treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. With the trend in decreasing household sizes in Singapore, families may find it increasing difficult to adequately take care of a stricken family member living with cancer or other serious illnesses at home. This is where home care services in Singapore can be a god-send for families with members who are unwell.

Patients Require Care And Support At Home

After surgery or during aggressive cancer treatment, patients recovering at home may require assistance with daily tasks, dressing / bandage changes, and taking of medications. Such patients may be weakened by the cancer or the treatment, have impaired mobility and strength, and are thus not able to fully care for themselves.

While the provision of such daily care for cancer patients at home may be administered by a family member, this may either be too much of a physical or psychological burden for smaller families to shoulder by themselves, or they might lack the knowhow, or in the case of patients who do not stay with family, there might simply be no one available to help. At other times, it may simply be a case of the family member(s) having to be away for a period and need a professional to help take care of the patient in the interim.

Some patients might also require medical therapies or physiotherapy as part of their recovery or treatment process. The availability of such services at home may help to reduce the amount of stressful travelling to hospitals and clinics that might be required.  

What Does Home Care For Patients Entail?

Home care refers to medical and general supportive assistance provided by a qualified individual at a patient’s residence.

Assistance provided may be in the form support for daily activities such as showering, going to the toilet, preparing meals, and reminders to take medication. Other services can include medical escort (i.e. accompanying and facilitating transportation for the patient to and from medical appointments). Home caregivers can also help to keep track of the patients’ health by regularly recording their temperatures, pulse rates and blood pressure readings.

Home care can also involve nursing support, whereby trained professionals assist with more difficult tasks such as changing of feeding tubes, cleaning of wounds and changing of bandages. They may even assist with the administration of injections and medications to the patient.

For patients who have mobility problems or prefer to stay home, but require therapy such as physiotherapy or speech therapy, home visits by therapists are also available.

Looking For A Home Caregiver?

Ascertain What Type Of Care Support You Need

Try to identify and predict the kind of care you could need first. After chemotherapy or surgery, for instance, you might require a nurse to assist you at home. During the course of your treatment and recuperation, discuss caregiving options with your medical team.

Where To Find A Trusted Caregiver?

Nurses, therapists, and home health aides are just a few of the numerous caregivers that homecare companies employ. Each caregiver is interviewed, hired, and overseen by the agency. When choosing an agency, confirm with them that the caregivers have the required qualifications. Additionally, check with the agency if they cover care liabilities as well as the caregiver’s remuneration. They are largely responsible for locating qualified, trustworthy specialists. You can request for a recommendation from your medical team or search online for reviews for the agency under consideration.

Some Providers Of Home Care Services In Singapore You Can Consider

Here are some lists of some home care in Singapore that you can look into:

  1. Homage
  2. iKare
  3. Ninkatec  
  4. Jaga. Me
  5. SATA

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This article is informative only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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