Dr Fiona Wu, Experienced Urologist in Singapore, Shares Her Insights on Health and Wellness

Dr Fiona Wu experienced urologist in Singapore

Dr Fiona Wu – Experienced Urologist in Singapore

Dr Fiona Wu, a member of Health365.sg’s Expert Advisory Board, is a Consultant Urologist and the Medical Director of Aare Urocare (located at Gleneagles Hospital). Prior to entering private practice, Dr Fiona Wu was in the public service for 15 years. Positions held include Consultant in the Department of Urology at the National University Hospital (NUH), Alexandra Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Dr Wu’s special interests are in Female Urology, Neuro-urology And Reconstructive Urology. Her clinical interests include treating incontinence in a holistic way using minimally invasive methods. She worked closely with the gynaecology and colorectal departments to treat complex pelvic floor conditions and continues to do so in her own practice. Dr Fiona Wu is also the Programme Director of Surgery-In-Training at NUH and part of the core faculty of Urology Residency during her service at NUH. She is actively involved in educating junior urologists and helping them in their training and is a core faculty member of postgraduate junior doctors. Dr Wu gave the opening address at this year’s UROFAIR 2022 (organised by the Singapore Urology Association)

Recent Interview with Dr Fiona Wu

Dr Fiona recently interviewed with local publication. The interview featured her insights on how we can maintain our health and wellness. Key learning points from Dr Wu from the interview includes:

  • We need to incorporate health and wellness into our daily lifestyles.
  • Exercise regularly and limit meal intake.
  • Exercising with family can make it more fun.
  • Drink lots of water to help prevent urological issues such as urinary tract infections and kidney stones.
  • Get sufficient sleep daily (at least 6-7 hours).
  • Be more invested in managing our own health and wellness.
  • Protect our own mental health by setting boundaries and sticking to them.
  • Limit phone and social media time.

You can read her full interview reproduced on the Aare Urocare website.

Looking for An Experienced Urologist in Singapore?

If you are looking for an experienced urologist in Singapore, Dr Fiona Wu is one to consider. You can also refer to our article for some additional choices.

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