Lifescan Medical Centre Singapore: One-Stop Screening & Imaging Centre

Lifescan Medical Centre Singapore: One-Stop Screening & Imaging Centre

Lifescan Medical Centre

Health365 is proud to partner with Lifescan Medical Centre to offer our readers imaging tests and health screening packages in Singapore.

About Lifescan Medical Centre

Lifescan Medical Centre, a subsidiary of Singapore Medical Group (SMG), is a one-stop screening and imaging centre conveniently located at Paragon and Novena Medical Centre in Singapore.

With over a decade of clinical experience, the centre specialises in delivering personalised executive screening and wellness programs for patients. It has more than 20 medical specialties in the network and is spearheaded by a panel of doctors who are affiliated with the College of Family Physicians Singapore.

Imaging Services

Lifescan Medical is co-located with their affiliate, Lifescan Imaging Centre to provide various imaging modalities conveniently in one place. Among the imaging tests they offer are X-Ray, Mammogram, BMD, Ultrasound, CT Scan, and MRI.

Lifescan Medical Centre Imaging
Source: Lifescan Website

Health Screening

Lifescan Medical Centre also provides patients with health screening packages – from enhanced screening to customised screening, that are focused on early detection of conditions and diseases.

Health screening packages at Lifescan Medical cover essential tests such as Body Mass Index (BMI), blood tests for sugar and cholesterol, and blood pressure measurement, liver and kidney function tests, and others. There are also packages for women with Mammogram and Thin Prep tests.

Lifescan Medical Centre Health Screening
Health Screening Services Available From Lifescan. Source: Lifescan Website

Book A Health Screening Package At LifeScan Medical Centre

Health365 in partnership with Lifescan Medical Centre provides health screening packages to local and international patients. Contact us by clicking the WhatsApp button below.

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