Regular Exercise Lowers Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer

Regular Exercise Lowers Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer

Exercise to lower risk of getting breast cancer

It’s an established fact that exercise can help improve not only your physical but also your mental wellbeing. By promoting the circulation of your blood, strengthening your bones, and working up your mobility, exercises enhance your overall physical health. Additionally, it has been proven to be a great way to reduce stress, and even cope with emotional disruptions. More recently, studies have shown that exercise can actually lessen your risk of getting breast cancer.

Breast Cancer in Singapore

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found among Singaporean women. According to the Ministry of Health, 1 out of every 13 women in Singapore is likely to develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Research shows that the risk of being afflicted with breast cancer is more pronounced among women aged 50 years old and older, and whose immediate family members had a history of breast cancer.

The silver lining is that the survival rate for breast cancer has been increasing, due to advances in treatment. However, it is of course best to take steps to lower the risk of getting the disease in the first place.

Exercise Your Way To Lower Risk of Getting Breast Cancer

There is no way of preventing breast cancer with certainty. However, chances can be decreased through modifying risk factors, including those that affect your lifestyle. Exercise and increasing physical activity, physicians explained, can help lower your likelihood of getting breast cancer by 10% to 20%. And here’s how you can do it.

Even Short Exercises can Help Lower Breast Cancer Risk

The Breast Cancer Foundation recommends that with as little as three hours of exercise weekly (which is around 30 minutes daily) can already help to lower the risk of getting breast cancer by said 10-20%.

Limit Time Spend Seated

There is growing evidence that show prolonged sitting can adversely affect your health. In particular, the chances of developing cancers, and other diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity increases.

This is why health experts recommend that people take short breaks from their desks, even if just to visit a coworker’s station. If possible, bike your way to your office.

Track Your Progress

If you want to stick with your exercise routine, maybe keeping a log of your activities can help you. Monitoring your moves can motivate individuals in continuing their active lifestyle. With it, you can also determine whether or not it’s time to step up your game, and aim for more robust physical activities.

According to the World Health Organisation, at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity – or 75 minutes when you’re on the vigorous side – in a week can make significant and beneficial impact on your health.


Like most types of cancer, there is no guaranteed way of protecting ourselves from getting breast cancer. But aiming for a healthier and more active lifestyle, and even starting one in small steps, can help you lower the likelihood of having it. Moreover, it can benefit your health in other ways in the long-run too.

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This article is informative only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.