Health365 Guide To Finding The Best Health Screening Package In Singapore

Health365 Guide To Finding The Best Health Screening Package In Singapore

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Taking charge of your health begins with regular health screenings, a crucial aspect of preventive healthcare. In Singapore, there are a myriad of health screening packages available, making it essential to choose the “best” – or what may mean choosing the one that “suits your needs”. In this guide, we will walk you through the factors to consider when selecting the best health screening package in Singapore to ensure that you make informed decisions for your well-being.

Factors To Consider To Find The Best Health Screening Package In Singapore For You

1. Health Goals

Before diving into the available health screening packages, it is best to define your health goals. Consider factors such as your age, family medical history, and specific health concerns. Whether you are focused on cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, or overall wellness, having clear objectives will guide you in selecting the best health screening package in Singapore suited for you.

2. Components of the Package

Health screening packages may vary widely, both in terms of the tests included and their depth. You may opt to search for packages that cover a comprehensive range of tests, including blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood glucose, liver and kidney function, and cancer markers of your concern. A well-rounded package ensures a holistic assessment of your health.

3. Healthcare Provider’s Reputation

Choose a reputable healthcare provider with a track record of delivering accurate and reliable results. Research the credentials of the medical professionals and the facility’s accreditation.

4. Convenience and Accessibility

Choose a healthcare provider with conveniently located facilities and flexible appointment schedules. Accessibility and convenience are crucial factors in ensuring that you can consistently prioritise your health without unnecessary barriers.

5. Costs and Coverages

While cost should not be the sole determining factor, it is essential to understand the pricing structure of different health screening packages. Inquire about any additional costs for follow-up consultations or further diagnostic tests.

As covered in our earlier article blow, general health screening packages are not covered under MediSave. 

Once you have carefully considered your health goals, the components of the package, the reputation of the healthcare provider, convenience, and costs, let us now delve into the types of health screening packages. 

Common Types Of Health Screening Packages

1. Basic Health Screening

Basic health screenings usually involve physical examinations by the doctor, body measurements such as BMI, visual acuity and colour vision. It also typically includes fundamental tests such as blood pressure measurement, cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels, and basic organ function tests (liver and kidney function). 

Some offer Chest X-Ray for the lung and electrocardiogram or ECG to screen for heart disease.

Those with no family history or past medical history may opt for basic health screening packages.

2. Comprehensive Health Screening

Comprehensive health screening often includes a broader range of tests apart from basic health screening tests. It may include tests such as blood count, lipid profile, liver and kidney function, blood glucose, urinalysis, and tumour markers.

Radiological tests may also be part of the package such as ultrasound to check your liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. 

Comprehensive health screening may be the best health screening in Singapore for those with family history of diseases and risk factors that contribute to the development of the disease.

There are different degrees of comprehensiveness within this class of health screening packages. More expensive ones, sometimes referred to as “executive health screening” packages, may include a wide range of tests covering cardiovascular health, diabetes, liver and kidney function, cancer markers, and more.

3. Tailored Health Screening

Some health screening packages may be tailored specifically for men or women. Women’s health screening packages may include breast cancer screenings (mammograms), Pap smears for cervical cancer, bone density tests, and hormone level assessments. Men’s health screening packages may include prostate cancer screenings (PSA tests), testosterone level assessments, and more.

4. Cancer-Focused Health Screening

Cancer screening packages target specific types of cancer or provide a comprehensive assessment for various cancers. Common cancer screenings include mammograms for breast cancer, Pap smears for cervical cancer, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests for prostate cancer, and tumour marker tests.

Are There Recommended Health Screening Tests In Singapore?

Yes, there are recommended health screenings in Singapore by the Ministry Of Health. Learn about them in our Health Screening Services Page.

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