Best Hospitals in Thailand and Southeast Asia – Bangkok Dusit Medical Services

Best Hospitals in Thailand and Southeast Asia - BDMS

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services also known as BDMS is one of the most well-established hospital networks in the Asia-Pacific region. They are Thailand’s largest private medical group that operates with a network of over 54 hospitals and about 8,400 beds. Some of the best hospitals in Thailand come under the BDMS group.

Largest Private Hospital Network In Thailand

More than 30,000 employees work under the BDMS Group, the largest private hospital network in Thailand and one of the top five in the world in terms of market valuation. This number includes more than 12,000 doctors and 13,000 nurses. Presently, BDMS sees over 10 million patients yearly.

The BDMS Group houses the nation’s first private children’s hospital as well as Thailand’s first private heart and cancer hospitals.

11 hospitals within the network have been named Centers of Excellence by BDMS. These facilities are capable of offering their patients the best clinical care available together with top-notch patient care. A set of certified requirements are successfully met by BDMS Centers of Excellence, in addition to the staff members’ level of knowledge.

Centres Of Excellence Under The BDMS Network

Some of the best hospitals in Thailand designated as Centres of Excellence under the BDMS Group include:

International Medical Collaboration

BDMS collaborates with world-leading medical centers in the US, Western Europe, and Japan to ensure the quality of their services. Their main goal is to ensure that all of their patients receive world-class treatments from the moment they attend their first appointment.

BDMS Achievements

  • To advance genetic testing to improve competency in providing individualized medical care, both in terms of prevention and treatment, as well as to support future research and development with pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing companies, BDMS launched the BDMS Genomic Center Project. Customers of all 53 BDMS network hospitals, including hospitals and outside organizations, will be served by this center, which will operate in Thailand and ASEAN nations. N Health Novogene Genomics Company Limited, a subsidiary in which BDMS has invested with NovogeneAIT Genomics Singapore Pte. Ltd. at a ratio of 75:25, runs the BDMS Genomic Center.
  • By making investments through the Health Plaza Company Limited, which has a registered capital of Baht 1,040 million, BDMS has created the BDMS Health Ecosystem, a digital healthcare system. Through this system, users can easily access medical and healthcare services offered by the BDMS team of physicians, pharmacists, and medical professionals with specialties in numerous sectors, from anywhere and at any time. Direct delivery of medications and medical supplies to clients’ homes is a feature of the service. Additionally, the BDMS Health Ecosystem is a platform that brings together medications, health-related goods, and in-depth medical knowledge to suit the demands of customers in the quickly evolving world of today.

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This article is informative only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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