AI Colorectal Cancer Screening at Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore

AI Colorectal Cancer Screening at Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore

AI Colorectal cancer screening - Source: Farrer Park Hospital Press Release

Farrer Park Hospital announced on 14 Jun 22 the introduction of artificial intelligence (“AI”) assisted colorectal cancer screening service. Using AI to aid in screening improves detection, classification, screening, and surveillance for colorectal polyps and cancer.

AI Colorectal Cancer Screening Has More Accurate Detection of Polyps

According to the announcement, Farrer Park Hospital added the AI-assisted screening tool to allow for more accurate detection of polyps. Every frame captured during the colonoscopy is assessed and processed using the AI in the device. As a result, the system automatically alerts doctors performing the scope in real-time if varying shapes and sizes of polyps and lesions are detected.

The pilot service was launched as a trial on 1 March 2022 in conjunction with Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. The trial officially concluded on 30 April 2022, with more than 360 colonoscopies conducted successfully by Farrer Park Hospital’s practising Gastroenterologists and General Surgeons. On 1 May 2022, Farrer Park Hospital started the AI-assisted colonoscopy service. Dr Desmond Wai, Consultant Gastroenterologist, said that AI assistance “helps to reduce false negative results and the polyps that are detected during each scan are highlighted clearly. Risk of missing polyps is reduced. This improves the accuracy of the scopes conducted which are essential in a patient’s health journey.”

Farrer Park Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Timothy Low, said: “FPH is always looking at new modalities to support our patients’ aspiration of quality of life. The enhanced colonoscopy service represents our ongoing commitment to improving patients’ treatment outcomes from the start – early detection through screening anchored in healthcare technology.”

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