Face-Lift Surgery in Thailand – A Primer

Face-Lift Surgery in Thailand – A Primer

Face-lift surgery in Thailand

Let’s face it. We often look ourselves in the mirror, and wonder what it’s like to alter our physical appearance. More and more people are looking into cosmetic surgeries such as face-lift to get the look that they desire. And thanks to technological advances, cosmetic procedures continue to become safer and more reliable. They are also becoming more affordable and hence, increasing access to these aesthetic procedures and treatments to more people. In case you are wondering about face lift-surgery in Thailand, read on.

Medical Tourism Landscape In Thailand

Visitors from around the world head to Thailand not only to enjoy the tropical climate, frolic on the beaches, and immerse in its culture, but also to enjoy what their medical tourism industry has in store.

The country is recognized for hosting a wide range of health, wellness and medical services. This includes in particular, plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures and treatments, well-trained doctors, at a competitive cost. Additionally, it has a high number of hospitals, clinics and other related institutions with global accreditation. As of 2019, Thailand has 66 Joint Commission International-accredited hospitals that offer safe and quality medical and cosmetic services, like cosmetic surgeries and treatments, at par with international standards.

All of these combined make the country indeed an attractive option when it comes to health, wellness, and aesthetics.

Face-Lift Surgery In Thailand

Face-lift is a popular procedure in Thailand. In fact, an approximately 4,160 procedures were done there in 2020 alone.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of undergoing face-lift surgery in Thailand can be globally competitive, with the country attracting foreign visitors to avail themselves of the procedure there. However, if you’re a first-timer, you need to remember that actual prices are always fluctuating. This is why it is highly recommended you consult your doctor in Thailand first before booking that surgery appointment. Your doctor will be able to determine the total cost of your face-lift, from consultation to post-care.

On the other hand, you must also keep in mind that you should not base your decision only on price. It is also crucial to evaluate the services offered by, and the level of experience of your doctor.

What Exactly Is Face-Lift Surgery?

We’ve encountered the term “face lift” a lot of times at this point. But what exactly is a face lift? A face lift involves elevating and tightening sagging skin on the entire face. The procedure is carried out after the patient is given the right anesthetic dosage then the surgeon will proceed making smaller incisions around the patient’s earlobes. After which, the surgeon will remove and pull back excessive facial and neck skin and connective tissue before sealing the incisions. Face lift can also help eliminate unwanted fat on the cheeks, sagging skin, and double chin.

The Psychology Behind Improving One’s Facial Appearance

Facial appearance is considered important in a variety of contexts, including schooling, partnerships, and career. A person’s facial feature is one of its most noticeable traits. Many people place such importance on societal acceptance and approval about the way they look. As a result, in recent years, a rising number of individuals have turned to cosmetic surgery.

Pros & Cons

A primary advantage in having a face-lift surgery is getting a more youthful and more appealing skin on your face. Often times, people who undergo successful face-lift procedures feel more confident and happy.

Like most surgeries, face lift also has its share of disadvantages and limitations. Obese and diabetic elderlies are discouraged from enhancing their faces through face-lift procedure due to health-related risks.

Doctors factor in a patient’s lifestyle, too, before they can recommend face-lift surgery. People who smoke regularly are not advised to undergo this procedure, or should stop smoking weeks before the surgery. Smokers are at higher risk of a slower healing process following a face-lift. Smoking before or after the surgery can result in skin injury and permanent scarring.

It is always advisable to consult your surgeon first and discuss the possible benefits and drawbacks before proceeding with the surgery, as well as what type of face-lift surgery might be more appropriate for you.

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This article is informative only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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