Women’s Comprehensive Health Screening Packages Under S$1K

Women’s Comprehensive Health Screening Packages Under S$1K

Women Comprehensive Health Screening

Even if you appear completely healthy or have no symptoms of any illnesses, health screening is important for the early detection of potential medical conditions. For instance, if detected early (Stage I), breast cancer has a 5-year survival rate of close to 100%. This drops to 20% if it is discovered only at Stage IV. A women’s comprehensive health screening should thus be given due consideration as part of keeping healthy.

What Does A Women’s Comprehensive Health Screening Consist Of?

Typically, a comprehensive health screening for women consists of clinical examination by a physician and other tests such as tests for cholesterol and diabetes. Since women are also at risk for certain types of cancer such as cervical cancer and breast cancer, examinations or tests to detect these are also often included in a women’s comprehensive health screening package. 

What Health Screening Packages For Women Can I Get For Under S$1K In Singapore?

There are several comprehensive health screening packages in Singapore for women to choose from. AsiaMedic is offering Classic Health Screening for men and women for S$810. This includes basic assessment such as BMI and visual acuity. For female patients, the package also offers breast ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, thinprep and others. 

Another option is StarMed’s Wellwomen Health Screening for S$926.64. It is tailored for women above 30 years old and offers a more thorough review for women with a combination of essential screening and radiology tests.

Similar Health Screening Packages In Malaysia And Thailand

One thing you can also consider is a health screening in neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. Health screening typically takes a few hours to a full day so it is a feasible addition to your vacation plans. Health screening also generally costs less in these countries in comparison to Singapore. 

To help you decide, below is a comparison table of some of the comprehensive health screening packages offered in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand offered in the Health365 ecommerce shop.







RM1,547 or around S$500+ (including booking fee)

THB21,900 or around S$919+ (including booking fee)


1. Medical Examination

2. Personal / Family Medical History

3. Body & Visceral Fat Analysis & Body Mass Index

4. Vision Acuity Colour Vision

5. Chest X-Ray

6. 12-Lead Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)

7. Medical Report

8. Medical Review- If Results Abnormal

9. Choice of 1 out of the following 8 tests :

- Liver Ultrasound

- Bone Mineral Densitometry

- Treadmill Stress ECG

- Breast Ultrasound (Female)

- Mammogram (Female)

- Pelvic Ultrasound (Female)

- Urea Breath Test

1. Clinical Examination by Physician

2. Audiometry

3. Tonometry

4. Electrocardiogram

5. Treadmill ECG

6. Chest & Abdominal X-Ray

7. Ultrasound Liver

8. Ultrasound Pelvic Organs

9. Mammogram / Ultrasound Breast

10. Review of Results with Physician

1. Physical Examination

2. ECG with Report

3. Stress ECG (Treadmill) with Report

4. Chest X-ray with Report

5. Ultrasound Abdomen and Pelvis

6. Audiometry

7. Review of Report

1. Vital Signs and Physical Examination 

2. Eye Screening - Visual Acuity 

3. BMD Lumbar Spine and Hip 

4. Chest X-ray

5. Ultrasound Whole Abdomen

6. Electrocardiogram (EKG)

7. Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABI)

8. Echocardiography 

9. Digital Mammography


10. ThinPrep (Female)
11. Urine Analysis (FEME)
12. Stool Occult Blood
13. Blood Analysis:


- Full Blood Count
- Peripheral Blood Film
- Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
- Blood Grouping

Lipid/Cholesterol Profile
- Total Cholesterol
- HDL Cholesterol
- Total / HDL Cholesterol Ratio
- LDL Cholesterol
- Triglycerides
- Apolipoprotein A1
- Apolipoprotein B

Kidney Function Profile
- Urea
- Creatinine
- Sodium
- Potassium
- Chloride
- eGFR

Diabetic Screen
- Blood Glucose (Fasting)

Bone Joint Function
- Uric Acid
- Phosphate
- Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor
- Calcium

Liver Function Profile
- Total Protein
- Albumin
- Globulin
- A/G Ratio
- Alkaline Phosphatase
- Gamma GT
- Total Bilirubin
- Thyroid Study
- Free T4

Hepatitis Screen
- Hepatitis A Antibody
- Hepatitis Bs Antigen
- Hepatitis Bs Antibody

Tumour Markers
- Liver (AFP)
- Colon (CEA)
- Prostate (PSA) – Male
- Ovaries (CA125) – Female

Venereal Disease Screen
- VDRL + Titre
- TPHA (if VDRL is reactive)

Other Screen
- Gastroclear test

11. Blood Analysis

12. ABO Blood Group

13. Bone & Joint Profile

14. Diabetes Profile

15. HbA1C

16. Haematology Profile

17. Lipid Profile

18. Liver Profile

19. Renal Profile

20. Thyroid Profile

21. H. Pylori

22. Cancer Screen – Stomach & Intestine

23. Cancer Screen – Liver

24. Hepatitis A, B & C Screen

25. VD Syphilis Screen


27. Stool Occult Blood

28.Urine FEME

29. Urine Microalb/CRE Ratio

30. Pap Smear

8. CA 19.9 (for gastro-intestinal cancer)

9. CA153 (for breast cancer)

10. CA 125 (for ovary cancer)

11. Helicobacter Pylori

12. Hepatitis C

13. Liquid-based Pap Test

14. HSCRP (High Sensitivity CRP) - coronary risk factor

15. Full Blood Count with PBF and ESR

16. Renal profile (Kidney Function)

17. Fasting Blood Sugar (Diabetes)

18. Calcium & Phosphates (Bone Metabolism)

19. Uric Acid (Gout)

20. Alpha-Fetoprotein (Liver cancer)

21. TSH (Thyroid disease)

22. Lipid Profile (Cholesterol)

23. Carcinoembryonic Antigen (Colon cancer)

24. RA Factor (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

25. TPA (Syphilis screening)

26. Hepatitis A and B screening

27. Blood Group and Rhesus

28. Urine test (FEME)

29. T4 (Thyroid screening)

30. HbA1C (Diabetes screening)

10. Complete blood count (CBC) 

11. Fasting Blood Sugar (Glucose) 

12. HbA1c 

13. Hepatitis B Screening- HBsAg 

14. Hepatitis B Screening - Anti-HBs 

15. Liver Function Test - SGOT (AST)

16. Liver Function Test - SGPT (ALT)

17. Kidney Function Test - BUN 

18. Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) 

19. Cholesterol 

20. Triglyceride 

21. LDL-Cholesterol 

22. HDL-Cholesterol 

23. Total Bilirubin 

24. Direct Bilirubin 

25. AFP (Alpha Fetoprotein) 

26. CEA 

27. CA 19-9

28. CA 125 

29. TSH/FT4 

30. Uric Acid 

31. Urine Examination 

32. Thin Prep plus HPV DNA 

Click here for a guide on the purpose of the various health screening tests.

Where Can I Get Health Screening Packages In Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand?

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